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Sports nutrition

Nutritional therapy can also offer you support with sports and activities.  We can give you the knowledge to help you understand what to eat when, focusing on supporting your immune function, strength, stamina and recovery and help you stay injury free.   As with the full consultation you will be asked to complete a questionnaire which includes your medical history, current medications and supplements and a four day food diary.

At your 60mins consultation, Julie will discuss your goals and talk through your medical history and current training programme.  You will be offered a zinc taste test, and a measure for body fat, muscle, water, internal belly fat and more using bio-impedance technology with Tanita scales.  Your adrenal health will be assessed using a questionnaire, and it may be suggested that an *adrenal stress test be performed.  Following your consultation, you will receive a personalised food and supplement plan, a brief summary of  how we are going to work together to achieve your agreed goals, with the recommended changes.


* functional tests and supplements are  sold separately and at the retail price.