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Increasing the quantity and variety of vegetables in your diet increases your intake of vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants.  By improving the nutrient density of your food you can better support all physiological functions,  for your health and well being.   The more colourful your plate the better nutrition your are receiving.  Steam, stir fry, roast or make a soup!

We love vegetables, we want to you to enjoy them too.   Hope you enjoy this simple soup recipe:

Vegetables Soup Recipe

1 swede chopped into cubes (be careful they are pretty hard)
2 large carrots chopped into cubes
1 large sweet potato chopped into cubes
1/2 large white potato chopped into cubes
2 courgettes chopped into cubes
1 small cabbage finely chopped
Stock (chicken or veg or a combination) 1 1/2 pints

How to bring it all together:
Now this is THE easiest soup recipe in the World!  just chop all the vegetables into small cubes, add to a large saucepan with hot stock and cook for 30mins.  Now with the amazing flavours of the vegetables and the stock it tastes great.  If you prefer yours spicy, add a sprinkle of cayenne pepper to add a little heat!

This goes well with some salad or an open sandwich of sardines with salad vegetables.  Or a lovely roasted chicken sandwich on Rye.  (why not add a spoonful of nut butter such as almond or tahini for extra healthy fats and proteins)

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