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Meal ideas

Here are some meal ideas that I like to share with my patients:images

  1. Oats, soak overnight with water or milk (or alternative) and add some berries and a dessert spoon of milled seeds or flaxseeds for a fresh filling breakfast
  2. Plain live yoghurt with granola, blueberries and milled flax seeds
  3. Porridge with stewed apples, cinnamon and a sprinkle of milled flax seeds for a warming winter start to the day
  4. Wholemeal toast (or gluten free toast) with avocado
  5. Smoothie, add some berries (frozen work well) with some milk/pouring yoghurt and a dessert spoon of milled flaxseeds 1/4 banana and blend – you can add some protein powder too if you need an extra boost.  Great if you are on the run or off to the gym or need to eat on the train
  6. Poached egg on rye bread with grilled mushroom and a few blueberries on the side, good weekend option or when you have a bit of extra time
  7. Scrambled egg with smoked salmon on pumpernickel bread.


  1. Brown pitta bread toasted and stuffed with salad, oily fish, roasted vegetables (you can use chicken, turkey, prawns or left over cold meat)
  2. Vegetable soup with some oatcakes and celery/carrot/veg stick with some humous
  3. Sushi / less of the rice based sushi, with some seaweed salad and miso soup
  4. Last nights left overs with some extra salad leaves
  5. Shops that sell good lunches to go:

M&S (fuller for longer range)
Itsu (great sushi and miso soup and fabulous noodle soups)
EAT (sell good soups, but no brown rolls, healthy salad options)
Pret salad bowls, now bread salad and healthy option soups, protein pots and green juices
Yo Sushi do take out now


Take you current dinner menu and consider it’s protein content, is it colourful and does it provide 1/4 protein, 1/4 carbs and 1/2 vegetable:

  1. Wholemeal pasta, with chicken cooked in tomato and chilli pasta sauce add some rocket or watercress to serve (steamed veg add at the end or on the side)
  2. Baked salmon with teriyaki sauce, sesame seeds served with rice noodles, steamed broccoli, carrots and peas
  3. Soup with a large salad including some roast chicken, artichokes and herbs such as basil
  4. Salad with roasted beetroot, carrots, peppers and courgette served with smoked mackerel and baby new potatoes.


  1. Oatcakes
  2. Vegetable sticks
  3. Humous
  4. Nut butter on wholemeal bread (raw nut butter is best like hazelnut, almond or cashew)
  5. Protein bars by Pulsin
  6. Avocado on pumpernickel bread with some cayenne pepper
  7. Piece of fruit – apple, pear or some berries with a few pieces of nuts/seeds.

What to eat when out with friends:

  1. Thai: Ensure you order at least two vegetable dishes such a broccoli, papaya salad for example, only have 1 rice between you to share with two chicken/meat dishes (the curries are not that bad but do contain more fat from the coconut cream)
  2. Pizza: If you order a pizza in, make sure you have a large salad to go with it.  Pizza is ok so long as it’s balanced with the healthy stuff.  So share the 1 pizza and fill up on the salad stuff.
  3. Indian: The thick creamy curries should be avoided  Go for the tomato based or lentil based with vegetables rather than chicken tikka masala or korma. Dopiaza or cooked from the grill, only have ½ the rice and get a salad or vegetable dish, like spinach to go with it.
  4. French: No bread basket!!!  ask for olives instead.  Starters: oysters, Fish soup, salad,  avoid the creamy/cheesy options.  If there is pate share it and have a small salad with it. (or just share 1 starter)Mains: Again avoid the creamy options and make sure you order a side of veg.  Meat and fish are good options, balanced with some vegetables and small amount of potato or rice.  Ask for extra vegetables.