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Nutrition consultation

Nutrition consultation

A nutritional therapy consultation with Julie lasts approximately 60 to 90 minutes.  All clients are required to complete a health questionnaire prior to the consultation, it includes a four day food diary.

During the consultation a full medical history is taken in confidence, and you are asked to bring along any medication or any pills you are currently taking; this is to ensure there are no contra-indications with diet or supplements that may be recommended to you.  All dietary and lifestyle changes will be discussed and agreed, only achievable goals will be set, taking into consideration, lifestyle and budgets.

Afterwards, you will receive a summary of the consultation, including recipes, designed to establish balance and address presenting symptoms and underlying causes along with *recommended dietary supplements and lifestyle changes to help you achieve your objectives.

Julie’s clients are often interested in *functional tests, these provide a deeper insight into your physiological health, and assist in developing optimum nutrition programmes (not included in the price of the consultation). Julie uses Doctors Data, Cyrex Labs, Genova Diagnostics.

To support her clients,  Julie recommends booking a full consultation and a follow up session to begin with.  Or choose the VIP package.

On average you will meet with Julie for 2 to 4 sessions.   Being compliant will make a big difference to your success, only agree to what you can realistically manage within your work and family life.  Julie will support you all the way and will be available on email to help with any questions you may have.

*Recommended supplements and functional tests are charged separately and at the retail price. Requested letters for GP’s, Consultants or Employers are charged at £45 each letter.

Cancellation fees apply to all services: 48 hrs 100% of fee