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Indian Head Massage

"Thousand petal lotus"

Want to feel relaxed, and zen like?
Indian Head Massage can help improve sleep patterns, reduce stress and tension, promote  healthy shiny hair, improve respiratory conditions,  temporarily lower blood pressure and can also boost the immune system. This occurs due to the increased production of white blood cells, which are stimulated by the pressure from the massage.

Who can benefit?
Indian Head Massage can benefit those suffering with stress, headaches, sinus problems, temporomandibular joint syndrome, frozen shoulder, spondylitis, osteoarthritis, sinus problems, asthma, whiplash and even hair loss.

To make an appointment email or call me 07957 806 207.

Fees: £50 *with oils which takes 45 mins.  (*optional)

Events: Available in Fulham, central London, corporate clients and events (daily rate £300).

Now available in Richmond, at the Forge Clinic, contact the Forge for an appointment 020 8332 6184