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Functional testing options

I use functional tests regularly in my clinic.  They can uncover deficiencies, food intolerance, parasitic infection, imbalances in healthy bowel bacteria, vitamin needs and much more.  The tests below are the test I use most regularly.  Payment is made once you send the kits off and you add your payment details into the form enclosed.

If you would like to order a test from the list below, please email me and I will arrange this for you.  The test kit will be sent to you directly and all test results are sent back to me for analysis.  Once the results are back, we arrange your first consultation with me, I then go away and put your programme together focusing on your goals and the outcome of the tests.  The cost of this consultation includes analysis of your test results.

GI Effects (stool test) This test will allow us to see imbalances within the large intestine, rule out parasitic infections and allow an insight into digestion and unwanted microbes.

Adrenal stress test (saliva test) Assess your response to stress, measuring cortisol, DHEA and sIgA levels.

Thyroid function test (blood test required) tests Antibodies TG and TPO, FT3, FT4, TSH, TT4

Allergic, food intolerance/antibody test 90 foods (blood test required)

Metabolic analysis profile (urine sample) Assesses digestion, energy production, neurotransmitters and nutrient sufficiency