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Corporate clients

Increase your employee productivity

Julie offers a number of corporate clients Indian Head Massage treatment days and nutritional therapy consultations.   Indian Head Massage can benefit those sitting at a desk for long periods of time, by relieving the tension in the back, neck and shoulders, the massage can help improve poor posture,  reduce head aches and tension and assist in clearing sinus congestion.  Nutritional therapy may benefit employees with high stress jobs, or working long hours which may result in  sleep disturbances, hormonal imbalances,  poor food choices, digestive issues and poor immunity.

Julie has  worked with The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea at various events and provided treatments for staff.  She works regularly with Phillips 66 and with employees at the Foundation Trust Network

How much does it cost your company to employ the stressed and unhealthy?

  1. £7750 is the average cost of an employee leaving a company
  2. Companies that promote wellbeing feel 55% engaged compared to 7% in those that do not
  3. 109 million working are days lost to absence in the UK  last year
  4. 105 days lost to stress each year
  5. 10% FTSE 100 companies which report on wellbeing outperform the rest by 10%
  6. Companies pay 36% more for healthcare than five years ago,  and costs are rising
  7. 60% of companies claim stress is damaging staff retention
  8. The bottom 25% of employees in terms of health are 18% less productive than the top 25% of healthy employees

Source: CPID, HSE, government report