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Auto-immune conditions

Have you been diagnosed with an auto-immune condition?

Have you considered looking into an alternative approach?
autimmune conditions

It is thought that auto-immune conditions are caused by a myriad of events and a pre-disposition.  Leaky gut or barrier permeability, contraction of a virus, bacteria or fungus, stress, poor dietary choices, physical or mental trauma.

Of course everyone is different, and may have other health considerations that may have contributed to their condition.

Functional medicine looks at the underlying causes and we address each element in a particular order to support you:

  1. Assess gastrointestinal health
  2. Support intestinal barrier
  3. Implement an anti inflammatory diet
  4. Avoid foods to which there is an adverse reaction
  5. Take anti inflammatory supplements to ease discomfort and balance the inflammatory pathways
  6. Take proteolytic enzymes to encourage healing
  7. Rule out the presence of toxic/infectious agents, and if identified address them
  8. Support the detoxification pathways and organs whilst attempting to rid the body of the above to help prevent  adverse responses and reduce the burden that eradication may cause.

auto immune graph

These steps are not uniformed and each client’s programme will vary depending on
their condition and current health status.

A programme like this one may take a while, and I wouldn’t want to give the impression that this will all happen over night.

Support and practical advice is available to all my clients and this is included in the fee.

Fees vary on location, please enquire for further information.  Packages available.