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Success story: Stool testing, parasites and yeast

I was really fed up with feeling so awful, I wanted to do something about my health, I was suffering with IBS, sluggish bowels, had been diagnosed with Lupus (ten years ago) and generally felt pretty awful, I had started gaining weight around my tummy despite no change in my diet, my energy levels were low, I was very depressed and de-motivated about everything and wanted some help in improving how I felt. I had many tests with my GP showing low B12, iron and food allergy tests showing yeast, tomatoes, oats and cows milk. These helped for sure, but I was still not feeling good even after removing these from my diet, I didn’t know where to turn, all the GPs I saw kept telling me I was just stressed out or that it was all normal as I was getting old. So I stopped listen to them and started to look for people that could really help me. First I found Catherine Ford, a Bowen practitioner and then she introduced me to Julie.  We discussed my issues and we agreed to carrying out a stool test, which I thought sounded like a good idea, it helped us understand the beneficial bacteria levels in my gut, if there any parasites, yeast, pathogenic bacteria and inflammation and more. My test results showed an imbalance of beneficial bacteria and yeast and a transient parasite in my gut. Since we have been working on this my energy is much higher, I feel more vital, the feeling of depression disappeared after just 3 weeks since starting the gluten free-dairy free-low carb- high protein diet and the bloating is almost gone and all of these improvements have been despite  a constant stressful period at work. We are continuing with a dietary and supplement programme and look forward to even more benefits. Thanks Julie
Patrizia, PhD student 29 Fulham

Benefits of testing, are clear in this case. We would never have known the yeast in her gut was causing most of her symptoms. She has an allergy to yeast, and this level of yeast in the gut may have been causing a stress reaction within the body. We have made positive changes to her diet, removing gluten and dairy and ensuring a healthy level of fats, protein and vegetable fibre. A supplement programme designed to address the balance of the beneficial bacteria and eradication of the yeast is in place.  We will need to support other organs in future such as the liver, but for now our focus is on clearing this yeast and supporting the gut. I look forward to seeing Patrizia at her next appointment.

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