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Success story: Inflammation

I have a herniated disc in my lower back, this has slowly gotten worse and with the degeneration comes pain.  I went to see Julie for some advice on improving my diet and for some advice on ways to reduce inflammation within my body.  I wanted more energy and less pain. I knew my diet could improve as I was eating for comfort and it was making me feel worse.  After a few meetings, we had sorted out my diet, I had a better understanding of  the negative effects bad food choices were having on my symptoms and Julie also helped me to understand interactions between alcohol and my medication, which had not been made clear to me.  As I am not working, Julie has been really understanding on what is achievable financially and we agreed a package. After a few months the inflammation has reduced and I am able to get up in the morning before 9am and have breakfast, I have even been able to commit to some voluntary work.  Thank you so much.
Val age 50, female (voluntary worker)

A really interesting case, where diet has had a positive impact on general wellbeing and reduction in pain and inflammation. Her digestive system needed some help, and once the bowels were moving better, her symptoms started to improve and so did general mood, an anti-inflammatory diet was put together for her to follow.  We agreed on an affordable supplement plan, and with the Skype calls, my client had access to expert information without the stress of leaving her neighbourhood and paying for travel.

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