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I am writing to say my words of gratitude for the great impact on my food habits and relationship with food.  I now eat completely differently after our one session.  Your advice to eat 50 different foods and your rich simple recipes inspired me to use different kinds of food and ingredients to be more creative in cooking.  I love and fully enjoy cooking and eating now. I am definitely much happier and energised now.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise, it had made a big different to my life.

Nadiia, Ukraine

Where to start? There is so much I could share about how amazing Julie is, however I’ll limit myself to my adventures with her over the last 2 years.

I’ve known Julie for about 8 years and have consulted with her on ad hoc occasions over the years. However in late 2018, I got diagnosed with Graves Disease (hyperthyroidism) which was a shock and ultimately caused by a recent bereavement and very high stress levels. I was referred to an Endocrinologist who was lovely, however the standard approach for treatment is medication and the recovery rate is 50/50. I knew I didn’t want to be on medication for the rest of my life so within minutes I knew I was going to turn to Julie and seek her expertise on diet, wellness, stress/lifestyle guidance and supplements.

I’m always staggered at the sheer volume of knowledge she has on the various human organs and hormones and how one interacts with another to give an unexpected result. It is mind-boggling! The first thing I did was sign up to Julie’s wonderful VIP service where I can testify that the intensive 121 care and advice over 2 years was just so reassuring.

Julie had me do food intolerance tests, which astonishingly showed that I was intolerant to eggs, a food item which I had been eating regularly for brekkie for YEARS! Stopped eggs immediately and would you know it – the brain fog I used to get cleared up.

Julie put me on an my own AIP (Auto Immune Protocol) diet however with heaps of very specific (and tasty) recipes and bespoke advice on supplements. I happened to mention in passing to Julie, the unbelievable joint pain and inflammation that I was experiencing as part of Graves, she then suggested a supplement which had me feeling like a new woman in 48 hours. I actually had a wee cry as I hadn’t realised how much the joint ache was getting me down, until I was free of it.

Today March 2021, I’ve been discharged from my endocrinologist’s care and I’m medication-free, back to working full time and feeling just wonderful. I can’t say that I’ve gone back to eating eggs, however, I try and time the rare occasions for a weekend where foggy brain is less likely to be an issue. However I have found that I’ve tended to stick to the AIP diet as I just feel so much better for it. Energy is better, clarity of thought is there and my hubby is happier that my overall mood is better.

I stuck to Julie’s advice through 2019 and into 2020 until I was officially in remission in October 2020 and I can genuinely say that both my husband and I are absolutely convinced that if I hadn’t been under Julies care, I would still be on medication today. Thank you Julie, your support and guidance were key to my recovery!

Siobhan, London

I’ve been seeing Julie for 6 months and I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their diet way beyond just loosing weight. I wish I had consulted Julie a long time ago, seeing her as nutritionist has been one of the best choices in my life and money best spent. I really recommend Julie, she is fantastic, extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of well-being (sleep, eating, exercise), along with being a nutrition expert.

I have an autoimmune condition, in remission for 15 years, which still gave me a variety of symptoms.Thanks to Julie and her diet plan, I’ve seen improvements to my digestion and overall health that I did not achieve through gastroenterologists diets.

Francesca, Richmond

I am happy to refer my friend to you as I know you are amazing, very professional and I had a great result with your support and dietary changes, I am sure you will be happy to help her, sending a big hug.

Cassandra, London

I highly recommend Julie.  Learning to change what my body absorbs on a daily basis has done wonders for my seasonal depression by improving my overall health and vitality.  Thank you Julie
Toby, London

I saw Julie as I was struggling with low energy and digestive issues, and felt overwhelmed by all the different advice available. After a thorough consultation she gave me clear, helpful information and advice, and also supported me between appointments. A few days before my marathon I was stressing out and she gave me practical guidance which made a big difference. I would really recommend her.
Caroline, Richmond

I am so pleased with the progress I have made in such a short space of time. Julie’s expert, tailored advice has really helped boost my own efforts to improve my energy levels through better nutrition. There is just so much conflicting advice out there and it’s hard to know what to pay attention to and what to ignore. I feel a lot more confident that I’m doing the right things for me now and the results speak for themselves.
Sarah, Richmond

When I first met Julie I had a very limited understanding of healthy eating, both the theoretical and the practical preparation side. She has been able to successfully transform my understanding and everyday meals, making me feel better and healthier for it. I found that the key to this success was Julie’s ability to identify practical healthy solutions to situations I regularly find myself in, such as work lunches, dinner parties, and nights out. 

The full-day experience which involved Julie cleaning out my cupboards, taking me around my local supermarket and a cooking class has changed my outlook on healthy eating, something I associated with being expensive, time-consuming and difficult. Julie quickly identified the key areas in the supermarket that I should be visiting, some of which I didn’t know existed. This has now made my weekly shop quicker and stress-free.

Julie’s continuous support, and often spontaneous emails check-ups have truly transformed me from a man reliant on take-away meals due to my busy lifestyle, to one that habitually prepares breakfast shakes full of nutrients and healthy dinners. I would not hesitate recommending Julie to my friends and family and look forward to continue to visit her on a regular basis.
Nick, Richmond

After being told by my GP that I all I needed was a holiday, I contacted Julie. Julie was very empathetic and straight away was able to identify why I was feeling so unwell. I had no energy at all. Everyday basic activities became very challenging and together with the mental fog made it feel like I could just not function, especially in the mornings. Eating had become difficult too as it seemed that everything made me feel bloated, made my stomach hurt, I had upset tummy and heartburn. To make it worse I never felt full and soon after eating I would be starving. I craved carbs and had fat around my middle despite being slim.

Julie took her time to listen to me and made me feel very comfortable to openly discussed my issues with her. She explained everything to me in great detail which made me confident that there was a way to feel normal again. Julie always keep up to date with the latest research and shares her knowledge of this with me, as well as providing me with information on resources where I could continue to learn about how to stay healthy.

I always thought my diet was quite healthy but it turns out that what I was eating was actually deficient in essential nutrients and one of the main reasons I was so fatigued. With her help I was able to make changes to my diet which were manageable and still in keeping with the food I liked to eat. Julie helped adapt my meals and assisted with easy and delicious recipes.

Julie has more than exceeded my expectations. Within one week of making changes I started to notice a difference. I now feel a lot better and feel able to get through the day. I have the energy to do things like see friends or watch a movie without falling asleep. My concentration has improved significantly and I no longer have cravings. I don’t feel restricted in what I can eat and can enjoy my food without having to constantly snack in between meals.

Julie is always very supportive and explains anything I am not sure about. Julie exudes positivity. This together with the motivation and encouragement I have been enable to make not only dietary changes but lifestyle changes too. I can not thank her enough for all her help and efforts.

I know many people who Julie is highly regarded by and whose lives she has made a big difference to, amongst whom are my family and friends. I am always recommending Julie and will continue to do so.
Rishma, Business Owner, Chelsea

It was lovely to meet you. Your superior nutritional knowledge and experienced hands at the Indian head massage were a really powerful addition to the weekend at the Yoga Retreat in Kent.  Hope to see you soon.
Jennie, Civil Servant, Pen

Many thanks Julie for my Indian Head Massage, it was an outer body experience, you are truly a healer and carer. Thank you for all your advice and magic touch.
Laura, Richmond

Thank you so much for everything I can not express in words how happy I am I have found you.
Patrizia, PhD student, Fulham 

I just wanted to say thank you for your help. I am feeling miles better and more relaxed and at ease with myself. Still got a lot of weight to lose but feeling a lot less bloated, stomach is flatter (yay!) and generally just have much more energy.  Thank you again so much for your help and advice.
Julie,  Student, Battersea

I met  Julie over two years ago, during that time I had the benefit of listening to her sound advice on nutrition, she gave wonderful, simple advice on various foods, taking of supplements and life choices…eventually I was won over by her natural ease and lovely persona…why had a I waited so long?  I am now a client of hers and Julie helps me with my digestive issues. I cannot recommend her highly enough, she is fantastic and has helped me enormously, if you have any doubts…don’t, she will revolutionalise your way of life. Don’t get me started on her Indian head massage! A very happy client.
Nighat, Lawyer, Horsham

I had developed acne and bad skin and I wasn’t feeling great. I wanted to have clear skin and just get my energy back on track. And yes I have definitely achieved this goal in the last year. With in a few weeks of the first programme my skin was getting back to being healthy again, I began to understand what food group suited me and my energy levels and I had a better understanding of what my body needed.   I was a bit nervous about changing my eating habits and I find that with work/life I felt that it may not be all that easy. However I knew I needed to change my ways to achieve optimal health.     Your approach was brilliant! I really did feel that you supported my hectic life in the programmes that you designed for me. When I found it difficult and needed the support your were there to help and get me back on track.   I feel so much better after receiving your advice. I still have the same stressful job but feel that I can deal with all these stresses so much better.  I can concentrate better, I feel more alert and have a better focus in work. No more afternoon slumps!   I now choose what I eat more carefully, I am more aware of what my body needs and wants. I also eat much better when I am training.     My programme was received via email, always clear and easy for me to order the necessary info. Also good to see what the goal was and goal going forward within each programme.  Understanding my body and what it needs and how eating something can impact it greater – you are what you eat, I have enjoyed that part of the process. And I definitely shop ‘cleaner’ now.

Absolutely would recommend you to my friends and colleagues, I have enjoyed this whole programme and am very grateful to you for the knowledge and support you have provided to get me back on track in my cleaner and healthier way of living – thank you Julie!!!   I feel amazing!
Pauline, Fulham/Ireland

Julie is a hugely knowledgeable Nutritional Therapist, and has changed my outlook on food in a very positive way. Having been diagnosed with PCOS, she has helped me overcome a severe hormone imbalance by using food as a medicine. After just three months of a new diet and various other lifestyle changes, I now have a complete balance in my hormones (tested by my consultant) and an even healthier lifestyle than I did in the past – amazing!!
Alexa Kho, London, Ambika Yoga

My best advice to anyone thinking they might do something about their diet is to do it. We are what we eat, after all. Julie has been a knowledgeable, patient, concerned and motivating guide on what has been a long journey, but without doubt, the best thing I have ever done for myself. If you want to get to some of the root causes of issues that have only ever been medicated or ignored, Nutritional Therapy is an option that’s definitely worth exploring.
Melinda, Business Manager, Putney

Julie’s nutritional advice has been wonderful. She has so much knowledge, and has helped me with several minor ailments, as well as helping me increase my energy levels.  My calcium, iron and haemoglobin levels are all up, thanks to her advice.
Krystyna, East Acton, life coach

After 7 years of relying on quick fixes for food that barely provided the nutrition that my body needed, I definitely needed help in changing some habits to allow me to prepare nourishing food while, at the same time, fit it into my busy schedule. the programme that Julie and I have been working on to improve and support my health nutritionally. It was therefore such a treat to have a cooking session with Julie to learn how to prepare food that better serves my body and in that way, address my cravings and steer my taste to healthier things. The cooking lesson: We started off by grocery shopping, where Julie guided me along the different food sections, showing me which items were good nutritional value for money. Julie then showed me how to prepare the food for cooking, giving me useful tips on how to bring out more natural flavor from the food and how to store the batch I have cooked so that my time is freed from cooking and food preparations during the week. Julie also showed me the many variations you could make out of vegetables before we focused on preparing one dish that suited my cooking level. By replicating what Julie did (even having a ‘mini-me’ pan while Julie took charge of the bigger pan), I managed to cook something very tasty, nourishing and nutritious. I have since replicated this method and am now eating more vegetables than ever before. I could feel my stomach become calmer and my body more light and alive. I definitely benefitted from the cooking session with Julie and would recommend it as either part of your programme or just for some guidance on how to prepare healthy food.
Ivy, Senior Corporate Banking Manager, London

Through a course of Nutritional Therapy sessions with Julie, she helped me identify a number of patterns in my diet that were having a negative effect. As a result of her considerable nutritional knowledge, particularly with respect to women, a couple of simple alterations to my diet have helped me ensure my energy levels are now more steady, I’m getting important minerals and oils that I wasn’t before and I can now make better choices to help ensure I have a nutritionally balanced diet. Julie has a personal yet professional approach and I always felt she was fully committed to supporting and helping me as much as she could, often going that extra step to research around unusual or less well understood issues. Thank you, Julie.
Sarah, private tutor and massage therapist, Fulham

When I first came to see Julie I had a number of problems, none of which I thought were related to each other. But after only a few sessions she’d got to the bottom of my symptoms and had devised a very flexible and holistic nutritional plan on which the results were pretty instant.   Julie concentrates on how you feel rather than just finding out what is wrong with you – it’s this modern approach to her nutrition that has made me come back to her repeatedly. What I have learnt from her has been invaluable and had a very definite and direct impact on my well being and health. I am livelier, stronger and slimmer thanks to Julie.
Helen, Graphic Designer, East London

Julie has a very thorough approach and looked at my medical history and symptoms in-depth before giving her advice. She is very reassuring and extremely knowledgable about ways in which I can use diet, supplements and lifestyle changes in order to keep my body and mind in the best condition possible.
A session with Julie is also informative and interesting with advice that really targets your particular health issue. I cannot recommend Julie highly enough.
Lynda, Paris, France

I used to have a massage with Julie because I experienced constant pain in my back and neck area. On top of this my work used to be quite stressful and I found myself always so stressed.
I once worked with Julie, and heard from some of my other colleagues that she is excellent masseuse. She used to give me a head and shoulder massage of 45 minutes approximately once a month. The benefits of this were great; I found myself more relaxed and without pain around my shoulder blades and neck. I was also receiving Indian Head Massage during my pregnancy. Julie was fantastic, she always helped me to relax. Julie is always very professional and she is amazing in what she does. I would recommend her to anybody!
Alena, Fulham (now proud busy working Mum)

Having an Indian Head Massage with Julie leaves me feeling relaxed, energised and tension free. Julie exudes an air of calm confidence and is always concerned to understand any underlying health issues you may have. I thoroughly recommend Julie’s IHM as an antidote to daily stresses.
Saffron, Director of Communications and Strategy, London

I enjoyed my massage, the experience was very holistic. It felt more than a massage, as in that it was very deep and touched not just the areas that were being massaged, it was a very deep and warm massage.
Julie’s hands felt very warm and comforting. I had a lot of tension in my body due to my discs degeneration, so to be able to have Julie work her magic on my body was very therapeutic.  My favourite areas were the hands and the ears being massaged, this was the most luxurious feeling I have ever experienced. Julie was very professional.  Julie definitely has the magic touch. I would definitely recommend anyone to try Julie’s massage, you would find it very therapeutic. My only angst was that I had to go home on the bus afterwards, I didn’t want to share my space with anyone else I just wanted to be at home curled up on my sofa. Give it a try whether you have ailments or just want as a luxurious treat.
Val, London

Julie’s intuitive touch and massage skills ensure every Indian Head Massage she gives is tailored to each client’s needs. As a repeat client of Julie’s, I’m always impressed by her professional approach and the positive effects of each massage. It always amazes me how much tension can be released through a head massage – Julie’s massages are an excellent way to help relieve built up stress and restore balance in both mind and body. Whether you’re new to Indian Head Massage or you already value and enjoy the benefits of them, I would highly recommend Julie to provide you with a personalised and truly effective treatment. They’re so good I think I’m addicted to them!
Sarah, private tutor and massage therapist, Fulham

I came to Julie after getting a locked shoulder, which was really painful and affecting my day to day routine. As a designer I am desk bound for a lot of the day and I needed to tackle my posture and neck tension along with the shoulder problem pretty quickly. After a few Indian Head Massages, my aches and pains had gone and I continued to have more massages with Julie as I enjoyed the wonderful stress relief they gave me.
Helen, Graphic Designer, London

Julie is an excellent practitioner – She is very good at putting you at ease so relaxation starts as soon as you meet Julie. I work at a desk all day and working at a computer stiffens muscles and leads to headaches at peak work times. The Indian Head Massage helped to distress, improved headaches, muscle/back pain and posture for a period of time. I would highly recommend it!
Isabel, Analyst and busy Mum

Julie’s Indian Head Massage’s are soothing for the mind and the soul. She adheres to how you are feeling on that given day and always works with kindness, care and attention. I often find that after a busy day I feel more relaxed, that there is less tension in my shoulders, and my neck muscles release fully. As a Yoga Instructor tension can build up around the neck and shoulders especially when practicing a lot of inversions and arm balances, so IHM’s with Julie really help to ease the muscle work that is involved with the physical work.
Alexa Kho, Yoga Instructor, Ambika Yoga London

Despite its name ‘Indian Head Massage’ its’ more about the neck and shoulders and it’s a brilliant pick me up. If you’re feeling tense or below par, I definitely recommend an Indian Head Massage from Julie.
Melinda, Business Manager, Putney