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February detoxing…

Detox image

I have 6 spaces available for my detox programme for February starting on 8th.  Including two 30 mins consultations with me via Skype.   21 days supply of detox support powder and supplements.  Offer also includes food ideas and recipes to support your detox.

It’s a snip at £175!  limited space…

Of course our body is detoxing as you read this post, but we can help support the pathways and organs to ensure the detoxification process is more efficient.  Some people feel the need to detox more than others, we are all different and that’s ok.

This is a great opportunity to focus on your goals and dreams, you can achieve anything you want right?

To book your space please call Julie on 07957 806 207 or email me

Subject to availability

Dopamine fasting…




Wow, don’t you love an American fad.  But of all the fads, this may well be worth adopting, it is free and that is not the best part.  The side effects of dopamine fasting are an increased sensitivity to all pleasure!

A fad suggested by app developers in Silicon Valley, due to our constant use of sensory stimuli from mobile phone use. Apps and social media, music and You Tube etc has us pretty much addicted to our phones.  Fabulous if you haven’t got the bug, but for those who are stuck to their phones, this is going to be very relevant to you.   I have personally removed social media apps from my phone on occasion.  You could try some paper based fun instead like reading a real book, writing with a real pen, journalling and drawing on real paper to encourage creativity rather than just being constantly visually satisfied/stimulated using technology.

Why do it?  Dopamine is chemical associated with pleasure (neurotransmitter in the reward centre of the brain) which is raised through constant stimulation (all) sugar intake and instant gratification aka scrolling.  Starving ourselves of dopamine by stopping technological and other pleasurable activities helps us to be more sensitive to the dopamine following withdrawal, making us less “addicted” to our phones, sugar and anything else we compulsively want.

The Dutch trend of niksen, where you just do nothing, has become the new hygge for many wellness gurus. Want to give it a try? Just stop what you’re doing and enjoy the liberty that comes with doing nothing at all.  sometimes the most difficult habit to get into, struggling? focus on your breathing, close your eyes (not if you are driving! ha ha ha) and take yourself to a calm relaxing place.

This could be a real craze in 2020 and going forward, learning to spend our time to enrich our lives and health which has been so lost, enjoy the extra time and relaxation you experience!  Let me know how you get on!

Alternative Christmas pudding idea! Gluten free and vegan option!

Honey roasted plums with rosewater and pistachios






Serves 4

1 cup mild runny honey (or vegans can of course use maple syrup)
2 tablespoons coconut oil/butter, at room temperature
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice (from squeezed lemons)
1 teaspoon of rose essence/rosewater
8 large firm-ripe red or black plums, halved and pitted
1 pot of mascarpone or coconut/almond/soya yoghurt, at room temperature
1/4 cup roasted unsalted pistachios, finely chopped

How to make it

Step 1

Preheat the oven to 400°. In a small saucepan, melt the honey and butter with the lemon juice over moderately low heat. Stir in the rose essence, if using. Scrape the honey syrup into a medium bowl, add the halved plums and toss to coat thoroughly. Arrange the plums, cut side down, in a large baking dish and spoon half of the honey syrup evenly over them.

Step 2

Roast the plums for 15 minutes, or until barely tender and beginning to brown on the bottom. Turn the plums and spoon the remaining honey syrup over them. Roast the plums for 10 minutes longer, or until tender but not falling apart. Transfer the plums to plates and drizzle with the honey syrup. Top with a dollop of mascarpone or coconut yoghurt, sprinkle with the pistachios and serve.

Make ahead: The roasted plums can be refrigerated in their syrup overnight. Reheat the plums in a 325° oven until warmed through before serving. (made these the night before, I think it made them much tastier)

What’s new? VIP Package now launched




I have been working closely with a few  clients recently who have bought my new VIP package.  They get to see me regularly and have weekly calls or emails if needed.  If this is something you would like to know more about, please read on.

I started my journey into Nutrition and Health back in 2003, I have seen hundreds of clients since graduating and the most rewarding and successful outcomes have been with those who I have been able to work closely with on a regular basis.
A pre-paid package allows you to commit to longer term support and get much better results.  We will be a team, and I will be coaching you back to health.

The pre-paid package allows us to work very closely together over a period of up-to 12 months to help get to the bottom of your symptoms, the price is only £675.

The ‘VIP Package” is only available in Fulham and online and I accept only two new VIP’s per month (we can arrange to meet at South Molton Street and £130 will be added to the overall package for room charges and travel): Book your free 10mins discovery call today

Who is it for?  

Anyone wanting to get to the bottom of their symptoms, who needs support and accountability to help them reach their goals.

What is included?

  1. Four 90mins appointments with me in person or online – to be used within 12 months
    Your appointments will address your concerns, set you goals and ensure your diet is used more efficiently to support your needs along with suggested and targeted dietary supplementation if required.  I often recommend getting a few blood tests carried out with your GP, this allows me to work safely with you and to rule out any obvious issues like low iron or kidney issues.  All dietary supplements are sold separately with 15% discount.
  2. Each appointment should take us to the next stage, but sometimes we will be working on other areas such as lifestyle changes as well as dietary.
  3. Functional tests give us more information on your health which we may otherwise not be aware of.  Stool tests and other functional tests may be suggested if I believe they will help to direct the programme and get you faster results. I will only suggest them if I feel we need to rule out certain things or understand more about your gut or status in terms of functionality.  These will be sold separately and at the retail price.
  4. Weekly email updates or calls to ensure accountability and suitability of the changes agreed

There will be limited availability on this package, for more information or if you would value a quick and confidential 10 minute chat, please drop me an email or text or 07957 806 207.

Celery….super food?

Ok, celery has always been known as the best diet food to eat as it takes more calories to eat it than it provides… Probably not true, but ask anyone over 35 and they will say the same!

However it now seems that celery is the next veggie to get some serious press.

Celery and mint morning smoothie:

Celery juice






  1. 3 *organic stems of celery washed
  2. Frozen spinach (two rounds)
  3. Coconut water 50ml
  4. Filter water 100ml
  5. Fresh mint rinsed (this helps the taste)

*choose organic as celery is one of the most chemically sprayed veggies along with cucumber and having so much regularly it would be a bit silly not to.

Blend until smooth, add in some ice and a paper straw to make it look even more beautiful!

What do you think, do this daily and see how you feel in a  two weeks.  Why not let me know if you notice a difference to your skin, pain or other symptoms like acid reflux.

A little bit about celery.  It is mainly water a great source of fibre. Celery’s main nutrients are vitamin K, folate or vitamin B9 and potassium, magnesium, calcium and a small amount of vitamin C and vitamin B6.

Other healthy components listed below may be responsible for its healing properties:

  1. Limonene
  2. selinene
  3. caffeic acid
  4. p-coumaric acid
  5. ferulic acid
  6. pthalides
  7. apigenin
  8. luteolin
  9. tannin
  10. saponin
  11. kaempferol

Adding celery to pasta sauces, risotto’s and other recipes is great too (best to chop is really small) and using it as spoons for dips and nut butters, but for a real hit try this daily:


Important: When using food as medicine it needs to taken regularly and in larger than normal amounts, it is therefore important to make sure that your medications or health conditions will not be impacted by a sudden increase in one particular vegetable or fruit: For example large amounts of licorice tea can increase blood pressure, so be sure to check with your health professional for any potential risks when using food as medicine.

Have a great Christmas day…

Who wants to feel great and relaxed on Christmas day? Here’s a few tips to help:

Have a good breakfast on Christmas day morning – include protein such as:

  1. Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on sourdough toast
  2. Scrambled tofu with mushrooms and grilled tomatoes
  3. Greek yoghurt, ground flaxseeds, oats and berries
  4. Sourdough toast with avocado and bacon.
  5. Smoothie (I am going to make mine the night before to make sure I eat something…. I will be in charge of cooking so will find it really hard to sit down and eat breakfast.   Mine will have berries, courgette, avocado, probiotic powder and flaxseeds…super healthy and will keep me going til lunch.

Food is to be enjoyed, remember it is only one day, be mindful of quantities and try to follow these simple suggestions below.  If you can’t or don’t want to, that’s great too.  Happy Christmas!  I follow these tips because it helps keep my mood stable and prevents crazy arguments!

Have some raw nuts and a satsuma to nibble on before dinner is served, helps curb the need for chocolate whilst you wait, dinner is alway late right?

Dinner:  Ensure you have 1/2 your plate made up of vegetables, 1/4 carbohydrate – sorry that’s  the roast potatoes and 1/4 protein – either goose or turkey or nut roast (lobster).  There is always lots of choice of vegetables on Christmas day in my house, from red cabbage, sweet potato, tenderstem broccoli, carrots and peas and Brussel sprouts.  Eating too much of the carbohydrate, ie the roast potatoes can unbalance your blood sugar levels, leaving you craving for turkey sandwiches within an hour!!  Or eating more chocolate money…

Dessert: Moderation is the key word here.  If you are making or buying your pudding add some extra nuts for protein.  If you are hosting Christmas day, use some smaller dessert bowls.

Raise a glass of bubbles and enjoy a nice long walk to the local pub or friends house to walk to get your digestion moving, rather than nodding off in front of the TV! Get some fresh air into your lungs and your circulation moving reading for some games later on.

Ever thought of making your own chocolate coated Brazil nuts, a Christmas favourite in my house.  Melt some dark chocolate and add in your nuts and give it all a good stir(all nuts are good with chocolate). Once they are all coated, put them onto some parchment paper and cool.  They are really tasty and rich.  Because of the protein and fat they satisfy us and keep our energy going for a long time and keeps us from snacking! (low in sugar and carbohydrate).  And they are just so yummy, why not add in some spices like cinnamon and star anise or nutmeg… lovely and Christmasy

Happy Holidays

Nutrition appointments available in Fulham, Richmond, South Molton Street and on Skype

Xmas present ideas

Special 20% discount starts today at 3pm! click here to order  on their secure site!

I believe in putting healthy stuff on my skin as well as eating healthily too.  One of the reasons why I am an ambassador for Neals Yard, I encourage my clients to clean up their skin care and home products as part of their journey of becoming well again, in most cases. No chemicals, no toxins (parabens, mineral oils) and mostly organic with essential oils.  The products are gorgeous and smell lovely.  My favourite is the Rose beauty balm and the Frankincense range and the beauty sleep elixir.

Here is an opportunity to use my site with Neals Yard for online orders  Perfect Christmas present ideas too.  Enjoy, any questions let me know.







I encourage my clients to eat a colourful diet, full of fabulous seasonal vegetables. And now it is that time of year and the pumpkins/squash are in season. These are a great alternative to traditional carbohyrates like potato as they are more nutrition, slower releasing energy and packed with betacarotene. Betacarotene is an antioxidant, which fights free radicals. Betacarotene is converted to vitamin A, which is an essential fat soluble vitamin. We need this for healthy liver function, gut lining, healthy skin and eyes. Around 40% of our population can’t convert betacarotene into vitamin A. The best dietary sources are Liver, eggs and cod liver oil (supplement). If you don’t like the idea of eating liver, liver pate is also high in vitamin A. Having poor digestion caused by poor bile flow can inhibit the absorption of fat soluble vitamins, which are A, D, E and K. Improving bile flow can support detoxification and hormonal balance (I see this a lot with my clients with these issues and even mental health issues). I will post my favourite smoothie which is good for bile flow in another post, in the meantime you can eat lots of beetroot, rocket and dandelion root coffee.

It’s PCOS awareness month, September 2018






PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome is identified from a set of symptoms, which then allows your Doctor to diagnose you. It is thought to be triggered by stress (from emotional trauma, food intolerance, inflammation, genetics) that disrupts insulin levels, which increases testosterone resulting in a number of symptoms:

  • Irregular or no periods
  • Acne
  • Hirsutism (lots of bodily hair and facial hair caused by too much testosterone)
  • Mood disorders
  • PMS and more

Because everyone is different, there is often a different cause or etiology creating these symptoms. Your Doctor will carry our blood tests that measure your sex hormones and insulin levels and will often refer you to a consultant who will check the size of your ovaries and see if there are any fluid-filled sacs (follicles) surrounding the eggs. Because of the presence of these sacs it can prevent the egg being released at ovulation and prevent a period.

If you are newly diagnosed or have been living with PCOS for a while and would like some help with natural alternatives get in touch. Julie can help bring the body back to balance using dietary, lifestyle changes and dietary supplements, often looking deeper into your physiological issues to really get to the root cause, allowing you to turn your health around. Acupuncture or reflexology can also help calm down the sympathetic nervous system reducing stress hormones which disrupt the sex hormones, a combination of nutrition and acupuncture can be really powerful in bringing balance back.

What does success look like?







I have received some lovely feedback recently from my clients, and it made me reflect and wonder what was different, was it me, did I do something different?

When someone who is looking for nutrition advice walks into my clinic, someone just like you reading this, I can usually gage how well they will do with making changes to their routine, diet and lifestyle quite quickly.  The main indicator for me is how detailed the questionnaire is completed, when I receive it.  The information requested in the questionnaire is very important to me,  I need medical history, family history and bodily functions, this is really good information and gives me background and an idea of what has been happening to you since birth.

I want to know everything about you, your childhood, your family life, the environment you grew up in, you social activities, what makes you laugh and what upsets you, what your passions and what you dislike.  I also need a clear idea of what you eat, your go to snacks, what you binge on, what you love and what you hate.  Your main goals for seeing me.

The human being evolves and is a product of the environment they are brought up in, and currently reside.  This is the kind of information I love.  Without it, I have a one-dimensional situation, and it all becomes very basic and the root cause is a far distant glimmer, some change will happen, yet it will be limited.

Going back to my original sentence, what was different was I had more information, more detail, I had listened, and let them be heard, and as result, identified areas of anatomy and physiology that were not going to change with diet alone yet were causing a lot of the symptoms.

What I do is nutrition based of course, that’s my area of expertise, using a wholistic approach is important.  Conventional medicine is anything but holistic and it needs to change.  What I am practicing I think it is now called lifestyle medicine. I am not naive enough to believe that food is the answer to everything, but if you visit a surgeon with a back problem they will tell you an operation is the only way, go to a cancer Doctor and they will tell you you need chemotherapy drugs.  No one is looking for the cause, the root, the etiology the why.  And that’s where the magic happens.

I will spend time investigating strange symptoms, that have left you feeling helpless, and find the root of the problem.  I need you to share information, to be open, to give me the details and your trust.

If you want to know what success looks like, come and see me, I will do my best to understand your symptoms, why they are there and how we can rectify, support or understand them.  Nutrition is science, getting to the root of your symptoms could be considered more of an art.

For a confidential chat, please email me  Come and see me for an appointment where you will receive a personalised plan, all you need to be is open and honest and able to share information with me and I will investigate and motivate you to make the dietary changes whilst we focus on the root of your symptoms.  Simple… Intereresting? Drop me an email


Special summer nutrition offer and Skinade bonus

Feeling scared of getting into your bikini or summer wardrobe, hitting the beach?

Winter clothes are cosy, sloppy and we relax a little bit over the winter and spring months, has your skin suffered from drying out from central heating and lack of sunlight and oxygen, does your skin look a bit dull?

Get your skin confidence back!  Exercise and toning up the body and skin are perfect for gaining your confidence back, get in the gym, call your personal trainer, go for a jog.

What about your weight? Do you want to lose your winter weight?  Just enough so we feel good about the way we feel, for yourself?  I have the perfect solution!

For a limited period only, I am offering a special summer package to support healthy summer skin and weight loss so you can regain the confidence to shine in the sun.  For everyone who purchases this offer they will receive 10% off Skinade, the most talked about skin supporting supplement in the UK, and you also will receive 7 days free of the travel packs.  Amazing offer!

Special summer nutrition offer!  Places are limited so hurry

Price: £210 (supplements sold separately)

What do I get? Three 45 minute appointments with me in person, body composition analysis, 10-15% discount on all recommended supplements and a list of food ideas, recipes and strategies to shed those pounds that have been hiding under your hoodie.  Plus the skinade offer, which is sold separately.

All three appointments will be taken between June and August and will not form part of any other offer.  Appointments not taken between June and August will not be carried over.  

  • Only available at my home in Fulham or on Skype and not at my other locations

Get in touch, 07957 806 207 or email me  I look forward to hearing to working with you.