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New for 2018 – online packages

Six week *online reset package, starting the 1st week of each month: Places are limited and only available online, so hurry. £275.
What’s included? 6 confidential 40mins consultations over 6 weeks, including coaching, meal ideas, recipes and my full support for £275. Book now, only 5 spaces available.  You will be making lots of notes, so keep a pen and paper to hand.

Who is this for?
Ideal for current and past clients where support regular contact is required. Needs help with how to improve their wellbeing, has to manage a busy work life, and when conflicting information in the media is creating havoc with food choices and eating habits.

Weight issues, detox, on going gut issues, skin conditions, hormonal conditions such as PCOS or menopause and anyone wanting expert advice and information on how to be a healthier version of themselves with weekly accountability.

Improve your Mental Health, online package: Neurotransmitters, DNA and epigenetics £499
What’s included? Neurotransmitter DNA test, 2 confidential online 60mins consultations including how to map your diet according to your genetic needs, following the results of your test. Food suggestions, recipes, supplement suggestions and my full support during your programme. (please note that further testing my be suggested)

Who’s this for? Anyone with a history or anxiety, depression, addictions or those interested in improving their mental health. Want to understand their genes and discover how food can compensate for some of the genetic variants and improve their quality of life, forever.

Memory and cognition package: Four sessions with me looking at implementing Dr Bredesen’s brand new cognitive decline protocol for £600.
What’s included? 1 Test that supports the Bredesen protocol (retail £297), suggested supplements and food plan following the results of the test only £600. Including 4 sessions with me online to help implement and understand the plan. Recipes, food ideas and recommended supplements. (Dr Bredesen et al)

Who is this for?
Anyone over 40 with a family history of dementia or Alzheimers disease, know that they are at risk due to 1 or 2 APOE4 genes, just had an early diagnosis of cognative decline and want to stop it in its tracks.

Guts of the matter package – 3 sessions with me online, food ideas, recipes and personalised supplement protocol and full support in between sessions. £300
What’s included?
4 hours with me online to discuss your symptoms and goals (optional stool test £279 retail price. Assesses digestion, parasites, bacterial balance and any pathogenic bacteria present) Recipes, food ideas and recommended supplements

Who is this for?
Anyone with digestive issues and symptoms such as constipation, bloating, IBS, Crohns, Colitis, weight concerns and family history of auto-immunity and gut problems.


Nutritional Therapy Practitioners work in preventive medicine, the optimisation of physical and mental health, and in the treatment of chronic diseases, often with complex multiple causes.  Nutritional Therapy encompasses personalized dietary therapy and nutraceutical prescription, and life style advice within a functional medicine framework.

All additional follow up appointments that may be required on all online packages are charged at £105.

All recommended supplements and tests, if not included in the programme, are sold at the retail price.

*Online means face to face over Zoom, which is like Skype, or using a telephone.