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If you feel unwell or lack lustre today how bad will you feel in 10 years and beyond if you change nothing?  I wonder what you can do to change this?

Understanding how our lifestyle and dietary choices can impact our energy levels, immune system and cognitive ability can be empowering and enlightening, and help support change.  What would happen if could get your energy back, improve the relationship you have with food, reduce your bloating and improve digestion?

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Julie uses a functional medicine approach, looking for underlying causes of your discomfort and pain.

She supports clients who often have normal blood chemistry results from the GP, and yet still feel unwell and frustrated not having a ‘diagnosis’.  She will look into your symptoms and how you got to where you are today, allowing you to regain your health through understanding which parts of you need support and how to improve them.

The peri-menopause and menopause for some create a myriad of symptoms, from bloating, abdominal pain, loose stools, constipation, weight gain, lethargy, insomnia and migraines and other more embarrassing and upsetting symptoms.  For us women, supporting hormonal balance and improving our stress response can often create a much better experience during this important transition.  Improving our nutrient intake is key.

Julie also supports clients who are looking for a more natural approach to managing their diagnosed auto-immune conditions using food as medicine and supporting potential underlying causes.

Nutrition and diet are in the media every day, and for many of us we experience confusing messages and overwhelm, often from unqualified bloggers and companies trying to promote their ‘healthy powders’ quick solutions or a magic bullet.  Julie can untangle those messages, ensuring you choose the foods and products which are best suited to you and your needs and lifestyle.

Friendly one to one nutrition consultations are currently available via Zoom and from 2021 Julie will be back in her clinic based in Richmond, Zoom will continue to be available from 2021.

What is Functional Medicine?  Finding the root cause of symptoms,  by assessing your digestion, absorption and elimination, reviewing your diet and lifestly.

Julie may refer her clients onto other therapists and Doctors when there are issues around posture, emotional trauma, injury, muscular discomfort and complex infertility cases.

Book a free confidential discovery call.  (please note, I am unable to give advice on these calls)

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