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The importance of a morning routine…





The importance of a morning routine during the lockdown…

Many moons ago, whilst I was visiting a Yoga ashram in Australia, I had a yogi do teachings with me daily about the benefits and importance of regularity.

I wasn’t quite sure how relevant the teachings were at the time and it sounded quite dull, doing the same things each day to gain structure and clarity (I was younger then!).  I was keen to try it, but adventure and other emotional stuff was standing in my way.  15 years later, I think I understand the teachings.  Do you find that you can’t hear or understand something until you need to do it?  It’s funny how it stayed with me.  The benefits of regularity are peace, calm and a self affirming love that comes from doing these things for ourselves, an important practice for those who are givers, carers and those who work one to one with people needing help and for those with anxiety and depression.

In my practice during the COVID challenge, with the teaching from the Ashram, I recommend my clients  create a morning routine that works for them.  This is more important than ever since COVID-19 landed on our shores. Our previous routine has been taken away and replaced with isolation and spending a lot of time at home and without the daily routine we had got so used to.

A morning structure or routine, provides a framework to live within, without some form or structure we can feel vulnerable, a bit feral or even a bit lost, like there are too many options all at once.

Some of the benefits I have seen and personally experienced with my routine have been less anxiety, better sleep and the quality of my sleep has improved.   During the lockdown you may have noticed you are staying up later as there is no reason to get up, eating cake more often and making different food choices, usually less healthy ones and perhaps eating more to feel a bit happier, as food can do that right.  I wonder if you were to get your morning routine in place would the rest of the stuff might just fit into place or at least improve?

Morning light: Because of the increase in serotonin from early morning light, motivation is improved and the mood is more uplifted, it helps with dopamine and melatonin production too, a dark evening will produce more melatonin so keep your lights low and stay away from blue lights of your phones and tablets.  This is why we need to get up in the morning, not the afternoon…

I have found an article that I think you may find interesting and hopefully encourage you to create a structure or routine that works for you.  Link to article.

Julies’ morning routine:

  1. Get up at the same time everyday between 7 and 8am
  2. Splash very cold water onto face for 20 seconds
  3. Have a shower and finish the shower with 30 second cold shower
  4. Do some stretching or Yoga or physio exercises (injured knee)
  5. Go for a 20-90mins walk
  6. Always have breakfast (this is a habit and can help with improving energy and sleep)
  7. In a dim room, before bed I jot down the task list for the next day.  Just the top lines, no detail.  Read my current book or listen to rain radio (headspace app).

This  structure works really well for me.  It took me a while for it to stick and sometimes I miss the yoga or the walk but generally I have managed to create something that keeps me safe from too many options, which would leave me pretty much catatonic.  We are practicing, we are not the finished product.  Be kind.

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