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Keeping calm on Xmas day…


Planning ahead can help us manage our energy and mood on this special day, I hope you find my tips helpful? Now things are little bit different here in UK for some, this may be evermore important to keep us all a bit more stable.

1: Plan to have a good breakfast on Christmas day morning, plan this into the day.  Keeping your energy up will help with mood and keep you focused and soak up any early alcohol consumption.

Planning tip:  Buy eggs, ham, bacon, smoked salmon (kippers), mushrooms, plain Greek yogurt, fresh berries, granola, toasted nuts, sourdough and potato scones.  Items like these can be presented easily on a large table and turned into a buffet style breakfast.  Lay the breakfast table before you go to bed on Christmas eve.  If you want cereal, why not have this as well?

2: Plan to have a few easy snacks to hand, in case your Christmas meal is running late. Tins of chocolates and other sweets are great, you can have these too, just make sure these lovely, easy to prepare snacks are eaten too, you will thank me for this.  Keep the equilibrium.  

Sharing snacks:

  1. Raw nuts in their shells with some satsuma’s (nut crackers required) or sliced pear
  2. Smoked salmon squeeze of lemon juice on warmed or toast pumpernickel rye bread – cut into mini squares
  3. Mushroom pate on toasted sourdough – cut into mini squares
  4. Plate of olives and cheese to share
  5. Chopped apples with cheese or salami to share
  6. Mini sandwiches – humus and roasted peppers, ham and pickle, lambs lettuce tomato and left over bacon from breakfast. I can visualise a big sharing plate and some napkins, reducing the work load of washing up!

3: This is really important, Christmas day is a feast, it is only one day, let us give ourselves permission to enjoy it.  No calorie counting, no restricting. Whether we are on our own, with some family or friends, it is to be enjoyed.

Managing our mood with a sustaining breakfast and nourishing snacks, may keep our blood sugar and mood more evenly balanced, making Christmas day a lot more fun.  



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