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Dopamine fasting…





Wow, don’t you love an American fad.  But of all the fads, this may well be worth adopting, it is free and that is not the best part.  The side effects of dopamine fasting are an increased sensitivity to all pleasure!

A fad suggested by app developers in Silicon Valley, due to our constant use of sensory stimuli from mobile phone use. Apps and social media, music and You Tube etc has us pretty much addicted to our phones.  Fabulous if you haven’t got the bug, but for those who are stuck to their phones, this is going to be very relevant to you.   I have personally removed social media apps from my phone on occasion.  You could try some paper based fun instead like reading a real book, writing with a real pen, journalling and drawing on real paper to encourage creativity rather than just being constantly visually satisfied/stimulated using technology.

Why do it?  Dopamine is chemical associated with pleasure (neurotransmitter in the reward centre of the brain) which is raised through constant stimulation (all) sugar intake and instant gratification aka scrolling.  Starving ourselves of dopamine by stopping technological and other pleasurable activities helps us to be more sensitive to the dopamine following withdrawal, making us less “addicted” to our phones, sugar and anything else we compulsively want.

The Dutch trend of niksen, where you just do nothing, has become the new hygge for many wellness gurus. Want to give it a try? Just stop what you’re doing and enjoy the liberty that comes with doing nothing at all.  sometimes the most difficult habit to get into, struggling? focus on your breathing, close your eyes (not if you are driving! ha ha ha) and take yourself to a calm relaxing place.

This could be a real craze in 2020 and going forward, learning to spend our time to enrich our lives and health which has been so lost, enjoy the extra time and relaxation you experience!  Let me know how you get on!

  1. Binti Velani permalink

    👍…….Love this ❣️

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