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What’s new? VIP Package now launched





I have been working closely with a few  clients recently who have bought my new VIP package.  They get to see me regularly and have weekly calls or emails if needed.  If this is something you would like to know more about, please read on.

I started my journey into Nutrition and Health back in 2003, I have seen hundreds of clients since graduating and the most rewarding and successful outcomes have been with those who I have been able to work closely with on a regular basis.
A pre-paid package allows you to commit to longer term support and get much better results.  We will be a team, and I will be coaching you back to health.

The pre-paid package allows us to work very closely together over a period of up-to 12 months to help get to the bottom of your symptoms, the price is only £675.

The ‘VIP Package” is only available in Fulham and online and I accept only two new VIP’s per month (we can arrange to meet at South Molton Street and £130 will be added to the overall package for room charges and travel): Book your free 10mins discovery call today

Who is it for?  

Anyone wanting to get to the bottom of their symptoms, who needs support and accountability to help them reach their goals.

What is included?

  1. Four 90mins appointments with me in person or online – to be used within 12 months
    Your appointments will address your concerns, set you goals and ensure your diet is used more efficiently to support your needs along with suggested and targeted dietary supplementation if required.  I often recommend getting a few blood tests carried out with your GP, this allows me to work safely with you and to rule out any obvious issues like low iron or kidney issues.  All dietary supplements are sold separately with 15% discount.
  2. Each appointment should take us to the next stage, but sometimes we will be working on other areas such as lifestyle changes as well as dietary.
  3. Functional tests give us more information on your health which we may otherwise not be aware of.  Stool tests and other functional tests may be suggested if I believe they will help to direct the programme and get you faster results. I will only suggest them if I feel we need to rule out certain things or understand more about your gut or status in terms of functionality.  These will be sold separately and at the retail price.
  4. Weekly email updates or calls to ensure accountability and suitability of the changes agreed

There will be limited availability on this package, for more information or if you would value a quick and confidential 10 minute chat, please drop me an email or text or 07957 806 207.

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