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Have a great Christmas day…


Who wants to feel great and relaxed on Christmas day? Here’s a few tips to help:

Have a good breakfast on Christmas day morning – include protein such as:

  1. Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on sourdough toast
  2. Scrambled tofu with mushrooms and grilled tomatoes
  3. Greek yoghurt, ground flaxseeds, oats and berries
  4. Sourdough toast with avocado and bacon.
  5. Smoothie (I am going to make mine the night before to make sure I eat something…. I will be in charge of cooking so will find it really hard to sit down and eat breakfast.   Mine will have berries, courgette, avocado, probiotic powder and flaxseeds…super healthy and will keep me going til lunch.

Food is to be enjoyed, remember it is only one day, be mindful of quantities and try to follow these simple suggestions below.  If you can’t or don’t want to, that’s great too.  Happy Christmas!  I follow these tips because it helps keep my mood stable and prevents crazy arguments!

Have some raw nuts and a satsuma to nibble on before dinner is served, helps curb the need for chocolate whilst you wait, dinner is alway late right?

Dinner:  Ensure you have 1/2 your plate made up of vegetables, 1/4 carbohydrate – sorry that’s  the roast potatoes and 1/4 protein – either goose or turkey or nut roast (lobster).  There is always lots of choice of vegetables on Christmas day in my house, from red cabbage, sweet potato, tenderstem broccoli, carrots and peas and Brussel sprouts.  Eating too much of the carbohydrate, ie the roast potatoes can unbalance your blood sugar levels, leaving you craving for turkey sandwiches within an hour!!  Or eating more chocolate money…

Dessert: Moderation is the key word here.  If you are making or buying your pudding add some extra nuts for protein.  If you are hosting Christmas day, use some smaller dessert bowls.

Raise a glass of bubbles and enjoy a nice long walk to the local pub or friends house to walk to get your digestion moving, rather than nodding off in front of the TV! Get some fresh air into your lungs and your circulation moving reading for some games later on.

Ever thought of making your own chocolate coated Brazil nuts, a Christmas favourite in my house.  Melt some dark chocolate and add in your nuts and give it all a good stir(all nuts are good with chocolate). Once they are all coated, put them onto some parchment paper and cool.  They are really tasty and rich.  Because of the protein and fat they satisfy us and keep our energy going for a long time and keeps us from snacking! (low in sugar and carbohydrate).  And they are just so yummy, why not add in some spices like cinnamon and star anise or nutmeg… lovely and Christmasy

Happy Holidays

Nutrition appointments available in Fulham, Richmond, South Molton Street and on Skype

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