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What does success look like?








I have received some lovely feedback recently from my clients, and it made me reflect and wonder what was different, was it me, did I do something different?

When someone who is looking for nutrition advice walks into my clinic, someone just like you reading this, I can usually gage how well they will do with making changes to their routine, diet and lifestyle quite quickly.  The main indicator for me is how detailed the questionnaire is completed, when I receive it.  The information requested in the questionnaire is very important to me,  I need medical history, family history and bodily functions, this is really good information and gives me background and an idea of what has been happening to you since birth.

I want to know everything about you, your childhood, your family life, the environment you grew up in, you social activities, what makes you laugh and what upsets you, what your passions and what you dislike.  I also need a clear idea of what you eat, your go to snacks, what you binge on, what you love and what you hate.  Your main goals for seeing me.

The human being evolves and is a product of the environment they are brought up in, and currently reside.  This is the kind of information I love.  Without it, I have a one-dimensional situation, and it all becomes very basic and the root cause is a far distant glimmer, some change will happen, yet it will be limited.

Going back to my original sentence, what was different was I had more information, more detail, I had listened, and let them be heard, and as result, identified areas of anatomy and physiology that were not going to change with diet alone yet were causing a lot of the symptoms.

What I do is nutrition based of course, that’s my area of expertise, using a wholistic approach is important.  Conventional medicine is anything but holistic and it needs to change.  What I am practicing I think it is now called lifestyle medicine. I am not naive enough to believe that food is the answer to everything, but if you visit a surgeon with a back problem they will tell you an operation is the only way, go to a cancer Doctor and they will tell you you need chemotherapy drugs.  No one is looking for the cause, the root, the etiology the why.  And that’s where the magic happens.

I will spend time investigating strange symptoms, that have left you feeling helpless, and find the root of the problem.  I need you to share information, to be open, to give me the details and your trust.

If you want to know what success looks like, come and see me, I will do my best to understand your symptoms, why they are there and how we can rectify, support or understand them.  Nutrition is science, getting to the root of your symptoms could be considered more of an art.

For a confidential chat, please email me  Come and see me for an appointment where you will receive a personalised plan, all you need to be is open and honest and able to share information with me and I will investigate and motivate you to make the dietary changes whilst we focus on the root of your symptoms.  Simple… Intereresting? Drop me an email


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