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Sugar tax


Wonderful listening to #bbcradio2 today to a wonderful cardiologist, working in #NHS, explaining that the studies back in the 1980’s, that lead us to have a low fat diet to prevent heart disease and reduce cholesterol were flawed. He agrees that science has moved on. Focusing on reducing refined carbohydrates and sugars from sweets, cakes, biscuits, chocolate bars, desserts and fizzy pop.

Eating fat is good for you as most high fat natural food like eggs and avocado contain a huge amount of nutrients! Hurray…. at last the World is moving in the direction we have been promoting for many years. He also agreed with me, avoid artificial sweeteners as these are like methidone to heroine addicts. It doesn’t stop your addiction to sugar! This is a good day. I hope everyone was listening. Here is the #sugartax article

Removing sugar is not only about being overweight. Sugar creates havoc with your hormones, fat storage, hunger hormones and your DNA and raises the addiction is related to increasing your reward centre in the brain by raising dopamine. It creates inflammation in the body. Inflammation is the main driver for heart disease and cancer, skin conditions like eczema and auto-immunity and even depression. If you need help with ideas and more energy giving foods watch this space!  Book a one to one appointment with me and get a personalised approach to your needs.


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  1. emmavward permalink

    Love this. Do you have a link to the #bbcradio2 podcast – if there was one?

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