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Potatoes, should you keep them in the fridge?


Do you store your potatoes in the fridge? I found out recently that if you intend to cook your potatoes at high temperatures (e.g. roasting or frying) storing raw potatoes in the fridge may lead to the formation of more free sugars in the potatoes (a process sometimes referred to as ‘cold sweetening’). There is also an increase in overall acrylamide levels especially if the potatoes are then fried, roasted or baked. Raw potatoes should ideally be stored in a dark, cool place at temperatures above 6°C.  (source).  Acrylamide is a known carcenagen, however we are mostly unknowling consuming this toxic substance, it is found in cereal, toast, and any carohydrate that is baked or fried yes that includes chips!

So what’s the problem with acrylamide?

In 2002, Swedish studies revealed that high levels of acrylamide formed during the frying or baking of potato and cereal products. This raised worldwide public concern because studies in laboratory animals suggested acrylamide had the potential to cause cancer in humans. Subsequent assessment by organisations including the World Health Organisation, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and UK scientific advisory committees also suggests that acrylamide is a human carcinogen which has the potential to cause cancer by interacting with the genetic material (DNA) in cells. Most recently, in 2015, the EFSA published its first full risk assessment of acrylamide in food , which confirms that acrylamide levels found in food potentially increases the risk of cancer for all age groups. This means that acrylamide might contribute to your lifetime risk of developing cancer; although it is not possible to estimate how big this contribution may be. (source)

I have found this information really interesting and no longer store my potatoes in the fridge, I don’t generally eat a lot of baked goods.  For those of us who are predisposed to diabetes, have a sedentary life and eat a lot of these foods, there is a higher risk of being effected by the ‘cold sweetening’ and the acrylamide.  ‘Cold sweetening’ is basically making the potato higher in fast releasing sugars, not great for anyone!

A little bit of information like this, which is backed by the scientists, is very helpful when someone wants to live a long and healthy life.   Remember that we need a balance, chips and roasted potatoes are fine, its when someone is eating baked goods all the time that there can be problems.






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