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6 week *reset package, 5 places available every month…


Schedule your free 10min chat

Schedule your free 10min chat to discuss suitability

6 week *online reset package starts on 1st of every month

Places are limited, only available online so hurry.

Cost is only £275


What’s included? 6 confidential 40mins consultations over 6 weeks, including coaching.  Meal ideas and recipes will be discussed.  You will take notes and agree the goals and timelines.  Any suggested dietary supplements will be emailed to you with instructions.  Julie will give you 15% off the supplement order.

Who is this for?
Someone who prefers one on one support and wants regular contact and accountability. Needs help with how to improve their wellbeing, has to manage a busy work life, and when conflicting information in the media is creating havoc with food choices and eating habits.

Ideal for weight issues, improving energy levels, detox, gut issues, skin conditions, hormonal conditions such as PCOS or menopause and anyone wanting expert advice, coaching and information on how to be a healthier version of themselves with weekly accountability.

Nutritional Therapy Practitioners work in preventive medicine, the optimisation of physical and mental health, and in the treatment of chronic diseases, often with complex multiple causes.  Nutritional Therapy encompasses personalised dietary therapy and nutraceutical prescription, and life style advice within a functional medicine framework







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