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Get pancake flipping


So it’s pancake day, how exciting.  I love pancakes, my favourite is the traditional thin pancake with a sprinkle of sugar and a large squeeze of fresh lemon!

So easy peasy, if you want the traditional crepe style pancake and you want to make them gluten and diary free, use Doves farm self raising flour instead of the wheat flour, and replace cows milk with almond or the new brand of plant based milk call “Mylk” whole, I love this new product, its too tasty.

However these days, pancakes are more ‘gourmet’ so I made some fabulous american style pancakes, gluten and dairy free too. (*vegan option)

My recipe for the american style pancakes (gluten and diary free):

I used about 150ml RudeHealth’s Mylk Whole
1 large egg  (*to make egg replacer, use two dessert spoons, then add some water to them and mix until they go gluppy)
1 dessert spoon of milled flax seeds for extra fibre
1 dessert spoon of melted coconut oil
1 tablespoon of ground almonds (you could also use coconut flour)
2 large tablespoons of buckwheat flour
1 large tablespoon of doves farm plain four
1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
+ some coconut oil for cooking…

Add everything into the blender or use a hand whisk, for 1 minute, let it rest whilst the the pan heats with a little of the coconut oil.

Pour about two tablespoons of mixture into the hot frying pan…wait a minute (you could add in some blueberries before you flip them) then flip it. I had mine with maple syrup, but lemon and sugar also amazing and I had made some home made blackcurrent jam to use up too, which took 10mins to make! Protein and fibre!

Blood sugar balancing…nutritious and delicious!  How did your turn out?




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