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Diets…weight and your health


It’s that time of year again. All the new fad diets are plastered across magazines, social media and popping into your in boxes. Diets and diet books are money-making machines, they make us look at ourselves and feel unhappy about how we look, then feed us information about how to quickly shift weight which is not suitable long-term resulting in, piling it all back on again. These articles and books rarely focus on creating healthy relationship with food, discuss the quality or quantity of what we eat.  If they truly worked for the long-term, we wouldn’t need them to make up new fancy names and diets every year.  Rant over…

However we all know that (fad) diets, if followed 100% do work in the short-term. But most of us use them to lose weight for a holiday and/or post-Christmas weight gain etc, then we go back to how we used to eat and all the weight comes back on, albeit gradually with a bit of extra to boot. And we have all read why this happens right?  Being obese is a serious health risk, and fad diets will generally damage your health further due to the yo-yo effect.

Fad diets tend to make the body lose water and burn through muscle (due to calorie restriction). Muscle is a metabolic organ, it burns fat. Reduce our muscle ratio and our metabolism slows down. Slowing down the metabolic rate means your body has to store calories as fat, rather than using them as energy; resulting in further weight gain.

What’s the answer?
I find when we focus on improving digestion, energy and finding an exercise that is fun, improvements in weight, energy and happiness are seen quickly.

I use a timed eating programme. By leaving 5 hours between meals, no snacks and no calories after 7.30/8pm, (it is *scientifically proven to burn fat, rather than muscle) there are no other rules.  Once you start to feel more energized from these gaps in eating, food choices tend to lean to the more unprocessed foods. It’s a great way to feel well and improve vitality.  You can do this 80% of the time once you have reached your goal and it should sustain a healthy weight and gut.

The improvements are believed to be partly due to the migrating motor complex. This is the action of cleansing the stomach and gut during a fasting state (gaps between eating). This makes sense, as when the digestive system is constantly in use, this process is not able to take place. If we don’t clean our kitchen because we are constantly using it, it soon becomes dirty and bacteria and fungus can overgrow, just like in your gut.  Improvements in blood sugar balance, cravings and energy are some of the benefits I have seen.

When my clients follow this new way of eating, the obsession of weight tends to go away, they are happier and more energised, which allows them to have a more active life, bringing further benefits of improved strength and confidence.   I am offering an online programme starting week of 8th January, which will give you the tools to tackle your health goals and a side effect may well be healthy weight loss, rather than the focus.  This programme will include coaching and confidential weekly consultations  for 6 weeks for only £275.  Hurry as I only have 5 spaces available.

Starts week beginning 8th January!  A new year gift to yourself.  Get in touch for more info and to book your slot!

University of Alabama at Birmingham. “Time-restricted feeding study shows promise in helping people shed body fat.”  ScienceDaily, 6 January 2017.









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