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Tips to help keep you calm this Christmas


  1. Firstly Smile! and always eat a good breakfast: Incorporating  protein, a good example poached eggs with grilled mushrooms, spinach and fried tomatoes, or scrambled egg with smoked salmon or just some nut heavy granola with grated apple, yoghurt and a sprinkle of cinnamon
  2. Keep hydrated: If you drink alcohol you will benefit from drinking more water during the day, to help prevent dehydration.  Thirst is often confused with hunger, reach for a glass of water before a turkey sandwich!
  3. Dinner: Load your plate with the vegetables rather than the potatoes, you can have potatoes but not as many as you would normally eat, if you eat turkey it’s a great source of protein and will help to keep you full and a good nut roast will do the same.
  4. Dessert: It’s all about portion size, have a little and enjoy the flavours rather than eating at speed. (we use small bowls at home rather than the desert bowls in our cupboards, you could use tea cups or small glasses if you haven’t got small bowls)
  5. Keep your left overs out of sight: Remove the temptation to keep going back for more.  You can make the left overs into something yummy the next day, either soup, fry up the vegetables and sliced turkey, sausages and add some eggs for a hearty breakfast, yummy
  6. Take a walk: Get some fresh air after your meal and even before if you can
  7. Offer to wash up: Keep moving your body and help out the host!
  8. Have some healthy snacks to hand: Make mini turkey and salad sandwiches with some fresh fruit and nuts to nibble on.  Try displaying them on pretty plates to make them look even more delicious, use fruit and sliced carrots and cucumber and mint leaves to garnish.

These tips are easy to implement and will help you to sustain a calm Christmas.  If you do over eat and drink lots of alcohol, you may be left feeling a bit worse for wear.  So it’s totally up to you isn’t?  Maybe a January Detox is on the cards?

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