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Noro Virus and hand sanitiser alert!


For those who have children, work in an office, use London transport or work in a hospital or doctors surgery and anyone else who is interested, here are some important tips to help avoid this horrible virus which is highly contagious:

Do these 2 simple things:
1. Use soap and hot water to wash your hands, take 20 seconds to do this and dry thoroughly with clean paper towels, do this regularly and especially after travelling on public transport and before you eat.
2. Keep your gut healthy – probiotics this time of year can be benenficial along with zinc and vitamin D3 supplements, to help support a healthy immune system.   And of course a healthy balanced diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and a few pieces of fruit.

Don’t do these:
1. Don’t rely on alcohol hand sanitiser, it does not kill the Noro virus on your hands and it is also not protective against clostridium difficile (a very serious gut infection) you have to use soap and water as described above
2. Don’t use sugar and alcohol (in excess) they destroy the immune system, avoid eating sugar for energy and focus on energy giving foods like nuts and seeds and vegetables sticks for snacks.  Chopped up apple, carrots and celery is so refreshing with a few toasted pumpkin seeds or walnuts
3. Don’t burn the candle at both ends…. do get some good quality sleep – the body heals when its sleeping and gets worn out through poor quality sleep and late nights and this damages the immune systems function.

Hope this helps to keep you well!   Here’s to keeping warm and healthy this Christmas.


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