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Psoriasis awareness week








Psoriasis is caused by an over stimulated immune system, this is called an auto-immune disease.  When the immune system is over stimulated, it creates a reaction within the body where your own immune system starts to attack its own tissues.  In psoriasis there is speeding up of skin turnover, and this creates the uncomfortable thick layering of dry inflammed skin  that can crack and become infected.

How can you manage or help this over stimulation of the immune system?

I always start with addressing the gut, by making changes to the diet to ensure it provides plenty of plant based fibre from vegetables, and pulses and fruit.  This supports the gut by providing food for the good bacteria to thrive.  Fat and protein are also necessary, so the main elements of the diet is really to reduce sugar and junk food like crisps, sweets, cakes, high amounts of carbohydrates and alcohol.  A study in 2013 used probiotics to improve tight junctions in the gut  and there are studies being carried out currently that are looking at the effects of probiotics and how they appear to speed up the healing of the skin.  If you want to do some research look for gut-skin’ axis. (sultanna et al, 2013)

Taking a broad spectrum probiotic can help; take them with food or after a meal.

Glutamine rich foods like stewed apples (the need for glutamine increases during stress, infection and inflammation) can help support the lining of the gut and has a positive effect on the immune function and overall health of the gastrointestinal tract, your digestive system.

Omega 6 and omega 3 oils can reduce the inflammation, start eating plenty of oily fish like sardines, pilchards, mackerel, salmon and anchovies. Vegetarians can use flax seed oil or milled flax seeds, to improve their levels.  Taking a dietary supplement can also help, but check with your Doctor or Nutritionist to ensure there are no contraindications with your current medication or health condition.

Managing stress, and finding space in your busy life to bring awareness to what causes you to feel stressed to help you manage it.  Regular exercise like yoga, tai chi and the use of meditation are all known to calm down the stress response. Breathing more deeply is totally free and important for managing stress too.

These small changes can have a profound impact on symptoms. If there is specific help required by a friend or family member for their skin condition please pass on my details.

Because I can see my clients using Skype, I can help you to create the happy and healthy life you are searching for without the travel.  Having the support of a health professional can be the difference that makes the difference.  I see clients face to face in Richmond, Fulham, Central London and over Skype.

(this information does not attempt to treat, cure or diagnose disease, please discuss any changes to your diet and the use of dietary supplements with your consultant or general practitioner)




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