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Yummy immune boosting smoothie


There are so many people coughing and spluttering at the moment, I wanted to give my body an immune boost to help me fight off those horrid viruses, which seem to be incubating well in this warm, humid and wet weather.

Here is my new breakfast smoothie with lots of immune fighting elements, it tastes amazing!
Yellow mellow immune smoothie: vegan and gluten free







*1 cup frozen mango (lots of vitamin C and fibre) makes it really smooth and adds a little sweetness
*1 dessert spoon Organic cold milled flax seeds (fibre for gut health, omega 3, zinc for immunity)
2 teaspoons Maca powder (fantastic for an energy boost and supports many bodily systems contains lots of minerals)
1/2 courgette (great fibre for the gut and lots of minerals and vitamins – easy to digest and tastes of very little)
1 teaspoon of inulin powder to support the gut and immunity (natural fibre tastes sweet)
*Heaped teaspoon of turmeric (fresh turmeric is amazing but couldn’t get hold if it)
Pineapple core (to support the breakdown of the nutrients so its easy to absorb – bromelian supplements are good to add if you can’t get pineapple core)
*200 ml Almond milk (choose your favourite plant based milk)
*2 inches of fresh root ginger (great for the immune system and acts as an anti-inflammatory supporting Th2 immune reactions which increase inflammation)

Add all the ingredients to your nutribullet or blender and whiz it all up then pour into a glass and enjoy!

Sounds like a lot of ingredients, but I had everything in the kitchen so it wasn’t a bore having to go to the supermarket, but remember you can leave some of the ingredients out if you don’t have them.  The 5 ingredients that are essential are indicated with *

Here’s to a cold and cough free September!





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  1. Great ingredients! Super healthy. Thanks for sharing.

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