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fullsizerender-1Now that’s got your attention.  I have been reading the papers and felt quite saddened by the amount of articles and promotion of diets for weight loss since 1st of January 2017.

I realise there are many overweight people in the UK, but dieting always making us fatter in the long run as normal eating patterns always resume.  I have been using a combination of 5:2 fasting and time restricted eating for my clients and myself.  It’s something you can do forever and you can eat most things, so long as it isn’t really unhealthy all the time.   We know that the diet industry makes millions every year, and yet every year we are seduced by the promises of a “lean body in two weeks” or a body image that is never attainable.  Of course this creates unhappiness, when we should be focusing on health and happiness, not what weight we are, it should not define us.  Focusing on being healthy and fit rather than thin is a positive way of thinking and stops us feeling bad if the scales are not shifting.  This will also have long lasting effects and dieting will no longer need to happen as you will be toned, motivated and fit.  Ever noticed how fit people always look attractive!  Thin people don’t always look attractive.  Being fit makes you radiant and energised and that’s very appealing.

For me changing when you eat, rather than what you eat can be so liberating, you don’t have to buy a Nutri Bullet, you don’t have to use powders and potions and you can pretty much eat ‘normally’ within reason, and once a few pounds have dropped off exercise will feel easier and the rest will be history. None of this clean eating, although you can eat that way if you choose to of course.  Getting back to tradition, eating 3 meals not 5 and enjoying fat and not eating too much carbohydrate, simple?

Here’s a great article, it reports that for the first time in humans, eating early in the day lessens daily swings and hunger and changes the 24-hour pattern of fat oxidation and energy metabolism, which may aid in weight loss.

What are you waiting for?  Need more guidance, cooking lessons or support?  Come and see me and I can motivate you and support you on your journey back to health and happiness!  Book an appointment

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