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PMDD what can we do?




PMDD (Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder) is a disorder that occurs in 3-8% of menstruating women, it’s a bit like PMS but much more severe, sometimes lasting up to two weeks before menstruation. I would like to offer some support which may be the difference that makes the difference.


Using a functional medicine approach, I look at stabilising blood sugar levels, improve the health of the gut and ensure that all B vitamins are made available in the correct chemical form to take for two weeks of the month along with magnesium supplements, and other vitamins which may be relevant to the individual in question. I also assess thyroid, adrenal, gallbladder function, liver function and digestion. We need all of these functions to be working well for our hormones to be used effectively and more to the point detoxified and removed from the body, so not to increase oestrogen levels. Please get in touch if you suffer from PMDD, a life changing monthly illness.

I will  help you to improve your diet, help you to manage stress better and more importantly have fewer symptoms and hopefully none in time.  Appointments available in Fulham, Richmond and on Skype! Here is a double-blind placebo controlled study suggesting magnesium and B vitamins may be helpful, but not all vitamins are created equal, get professional advice before buying.

Appointments call me 07957 806 207 or email me

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