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Plan ahead to stay healthy…


Watching a storm approaching and doing nothing to help yourself would be considered dum, but when we see a period of stress ahead, take christmas as an example, we usually do nothing to stay on top of our health. Suddenly finding ourselves in the whirlwind of dinners, drinks, foodie friends and feeders.  For some of you this won’t be an issue as you already practice moderation, but for those who live with extremes may find they wake up on 27th December sick, bloated and with a wardrobe of clothes which no longer fit…

I found myself in a period of stress recently and I was struggling to find something to eat for lunch, when I remembered I had batch cooked loads of  green healthy soup, hurray, what a relieve! (feeling very smug indeed)  I was able to reheat my super green soup from the freezer with an egg on gluten free toast and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper for my lunch.  Balanced, healthy and speedy.  Planning ahead for those days and weeks when there is no  time or no energy to cook is so important…  The soup seriously the soup didn’t take me more than an hour of my time to cook, and this can be done whilst you are preparing an evening meal.  Why not give it a go?

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