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BMJ study; LDL cholesterol is protective against cardiovascular disease?



A recent BMJ article, the first systematic review of its kind, has debunked some of the cholesterol theory!   The theory being, that high LDL cholesterol causes heart disease and early death in everyone.  This article, which looked at a number of studies, showed that mortality was highest in those over 60 with the lowest LDL, which is what statins are designed to lower, they reduce the LDL, so lowering your LDL if you are over 60 could be detrimental to your health, according to BMJ*.

The BMJ study suggests that the higher LDL you have the more cardiovascular protective it is, which is the exact opposite to what we have been working with over the last 20 years.  I am delighted to find research that challenges the pharmaceutical industry, statins are creating £billion’s.

This is last part of the conclusion of the study:

“Our review provides the basis for more research about the cause of atherosclerosis and CVD and also for a re-evaluation of the guidelines for cardiovascular prevention, in particular because the benefits from statin treatment have been exaggerated.

Click here for the full article

I find it worrying that high cholesterol has become a major measure for assessing health and health outcomes and quickly treated by some medical professionals with statins, without discuss lifestyle and diet.  Cholesterol is more often raised through genetics, poor diet (low in plants and fibre) under functioning thyroid, lack of exercise, stress and the high intake of carbohydrates and alcohol.  The general advice to lower cholesterol has been to remove red meat, cheese and wine.  We know that red meat is a great source of protein, minerals and vitamins and fat, cheese is rarely eaten in huge amounts, so it would depend on quantity, and red wine in moderation has many suggested health benefits and scientific studies to back it up.

So what happens when we attempt to lower our cholesterol by removing these foods? Which is what the NHS guidelines recommend at the moment.  We end up with a potential reduction of iron, B vitamins and essential amino acids and minerals from our diet, depleting us of some of the nutrition we need to function.  Of course eating red meat and large amounts of cheese everyday isn’t helpful as these are high calorie foods and take a lot of time to digest, causing further issues down the digestive tract.  However if eaten with plenty of healthily cooked vegetables and salads, fresh fruit and water, things would look a lot better.

Cholesterol is required for every cell in the body to function, when the cells are not functioning due to lowered cholesterol, the cells are unable to receive oxygen and essential nutrients which can and will lead to cell death.  There are cells that don’t need oxygen to thrive…  Sadly the only cells present in the body that can function and thrive without oxygen are Cancer cells…

If you would like further information on what a healthy diet should look like or support with cooking ideas and clearing your cupboards, drop me a line and we can arrange

*Please discuss any concerns you may have with your GP.  Never stop taking your medication unless your GP has advised you to do so.  Exercise and eating a healthy plant-based diet (vegetables) with plenty of variety and protein sources from fish, eggs, poultry and nuts and seeds and lentils beans and pulses, has been shown to improve health.

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