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Vitamin D again…BBC reporting


The BBC have reported that we should all be taking vitamin D in the winter months, well the government have recommended 10mcg a day for everyone. I would highly recommend you understand your vitamin D levels/status before you start supplementing.

I use a lab which offers prick tests at £30 if you are interested let me know and I can send you a test kit which you can  carry out at home? And if you need more vitamin D its sensible to understand how much and also if there is a need for all your other fat soluble vitamins, A, E and K. So get the right advice and don’t just buy any supplement.

Those at risk are the elderly, those of us with dark skin, those who use sunscreen all the time and people who don’t get out of the office/house at all and of course most of Northern Europe who don’t get much direct sun.  

Too much vitamin D is not helpful, can reduce bone calcium levels.  Low vitamin D can cause cause osteoporosis, poor calcium handing, which can lead to heart disease, depression and low mood.  

We get very little vitamin D from our diet, the main source is through the conversion of sunlight into vitamin D, which happens by exposing our skin during the day when the sun is out (which is not that often) between April and October here in UK.
Here’s the article from BBC.

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