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Julie’s top tips for weightloss: Tip 1


My number 1 tip is to always where tight fitting clothes! Yes it works, because when I  don’t like what I look like in tight clothes I will make sure I make better food choices and exercise more, even if that means walking faster or using the stairs instead of the lift, and if I am offered cake or sweets, I can feel I have put on a few pounds so I a decline and say no thanks I had a big lunch.

As soon as you start wearing looser clothes, you feel comfortable and don’t notice the restrictions about your body.  So you feel fine and eat more, and forget that when you looked in the mirror earlier you were shocked at how different your body looked since you have not been to the gym and having your shake in the morning.

Put some tight fitting clothes on, I promise it makes a difference, it brings awareness to posture, and your shape so your food choices change to healthy options or smaller amounts at least!  You don’t have to wear clothes two sizes too small, just don’t wear baggy clothes!  Try it!

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