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Cooking day success!


Hi everyone,

Did you know that I offer cooking days and shopping trips.  Together we can create soups, snacks, lunch and breakfast ideas or a major three course meal, what ever you need to have happen to help you improve your health and diet.  I also help clients with newly established food intolerance and celiac diagnosis to allow them to benefit using  fresh ingredients and cooking from scratch.
Here is a recent testimonial from a shopping trip and cooking day:

The full-day experience which involved Julie cleaning out my cupboards, taking me around my local supermarket and a cooking class has changed my outlook on healthy eating, something I associated with being expensive, time-consuming and difficult. Julie quickly identified the key areas in the supermarket that I should be visiting, some of which I didn’t know existed. This has now made my weekly shop quicker and stress-free.

Julie’s continuous support, and often spontaneous email check-ups have truly transformed me from a man reliant on take-away meals due to my busy lifestyle, to one that habitually prepares breakfast shakes full of nutrients and healthy dinners. I would not hesitate recommending Julie to my friends and family and look forward to continue to visit her on a regular basis. Nick, Richmond

For those of you who have recently read my ‘celiac awareness week posts’, why not book a cooking day with me?  I can show you how to manage the diet for a celiac using fun recipes and healthy alternatives in the privacy of your own kitchen.  Why wouldn’t you?

Here are some photos from our day, preparing a chopped salad, soup pot ready to cook and some of the food we removed and donated to a local food food bank!


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