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Celiac awareness week: blog 3 recipe!


Celiac friendly dinner recipe for the whole family:
not a gluten free product insight!

Chicken leek and shitake bone broth tray bake recipe

This is an amazingly easy dish to prepare, I love it because you just need the raw ingredients placed in a casserole, lid on and leave for 4 hours in a moderate oven. It comes out so delicious, it tastes like you have been slaving over the cooker for hours.


  • 8 organic skin on chicken thighs (I remove the bone but leave the bone in the dish as I don’t like bones in my chicken)
  • 6 leeks washed and diced
  • Shitake mushrooms two boxes approx 150g rougly chopped
  • 1 pint of chicken bone broth (home made)
  • Salt pepper and lots of love
  • Dried sage to sprinkle ontop

Place the leeks, mushroom and bone broth into your casserole or lasagna dish, then place the opened up thighs and bones on the top and cover with a lip or use tin foil little salt and pepper and sprinkle of sage. Place on 180 for 1 hour then reduce to 150 for the next 3 checking everything is still covered and looking good. I leave the foil off for the last 30mins to get the skin crispy.

Serve with courgette spaghetti with avocado and basil dressing below, or some purple sprouting broccoli steamed and dressed with olive oil and garlic.

Courgette spaghetti

4 large courgettes spiralised
Fresh or frozen peas – cooked


  • 1 avocado
  • 1 dessert spoon olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • lemon juice (1)
  • small bunch of basil

Leaving the peas to one side, whizz this up in a blender or food processor and pour on top of the courgette pasta add the peas stir everything together and serve immediately.

This recipe has many health benefit and I recommend all celiacs eat a whole food diet, which means not stocking up on gluten free junk food, which is not healthier.  Gluten free biscuits and cakes often contains more sugar and other more unhealthy ingredients than non gluten free food, which are not health promoting, ok occasionally but please don’t rely on them or at least check out the ingredients and look for words you can’t pronounce or have ever heard of before.

For more information make an appointment or book a cooking lesson with me.  To your health and happiness!

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  1. Looks amazing. I will try this…
    Do you have a receipt book?

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