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Vitamin D has arrived



Great news, we can now get Vitamin D from the sunshine!  From March the sun is 50% above the horizon, when and if it shines we can produce vitamin D when our skin is exposed to its UV rays!  This will last until October, when the sun becomes too low for our skin to produce this vitamin.  So make hay whilst the sun shines!!  If feel you are not getting enough, you can get a blood test to check your levels, if your GP isn’t able to, I have a really good test which is only £30 and can be done at home, contact me if you fancy doing this.  Results are very accurate!

Sunscreen is important, as it protects the skin from the harmful UV and UVB rays, however the use of SPF creams and sun blocks all year round, means our skin is not exposed to the rays that stimulate vitamin D production in our skin.

10 minutes of unprotected sun rays on your skin each day (when the sun is out)  will allow your body to produce this valuable vitamin.

Low vitamin D levels can cause mood disorders, poor calcium absorption (resulting in poor calcium handling, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis) and immune dysfunction.  Ironically, low vitamin D is linked with a possible increase in cancer, including skin cancer.  So finding the balance is really key here

Be safe and enjoy the weather, its beautiful out there.

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