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It’s Endometriosis awareness week!


Detox image

If you suffer with this or know someone who does I have a few tips to help manage the condition:

Dietary: Eating a diet rich in dark green vegetables, hot lemon in water, nuts, seeds and oily fish can help support the liver and the detoxification pathways. Endometriosis is thought to be caused by excess estrogens. Avoid soya products as these have an estrogenic effect on the body, these are used to balance or increase estrogens, but in the case of Endometriosis we want to reduce excess estrogens.  Reducing inflammation is also a key component when helping to support someone with Endometriosis.   Therefore reducing sugar, chocolate, alcohol and don’t over eat.

Lifestyle: Regular exercise, Pilates and yoga can help with increasing circulation to the pelvic area. These exercises will also help to reduce stress and when we exercise the body releases endorphins that can help reduce pain.   Get to bed before 11.30pm. The liver is involved in detoxifying estrogens, and between 12am and 3am the liver is busy with its processes, therefore if we go to bed late we are preventing this important process taking place fully.

Other: Tampons and sanitary pads should be made from organic cotton, avoiding synthetic materials in pelvic area is really important as these can have an estrogenic effect. I highly recommend Gift, which are brand of organic cotton sanitary pads that include a strip of tourmaline, which is anti bacterial and grounding which helps to reduce bleeding and calm the body. Available online or in Health shops. Check out their website


Anti-inflammatory salad wrap:

2 Smoked mackerel or cooked salmon fillets
2 Baby gem lettuce (sliced lengthways)
1/4 of head broccoli cooked (chopped lengthways)
1 Avocado (sliced)
2 Spring onion (sliced)
1/2 Cucumber (sliced lengthways)
1 Pomegranate (seeds)
Pumpkin seeds (toasted)
2 wholemeal organic seeded wraps (or use Chinese cabbage leaf or Romain lettuce for a super gluten free option)

Dressing: Olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper

Add all the salad items together and break up the fish into flakes, and add to the top of the dressed salad and serve with toasted pumpkin seeds.    Place into two or three organic wholemeal seeded wraps.  Wrap up the yummy ingredients so they don’t fall out the bottom.  Amazing and healthy and very satisfying!


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