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Alcohol, leaky gut and you…


“Leaky gut” is a really hot topic in nutrition, in the past the medical profession were very skeptical about “leaky gut” . I have a link to a BBC clip where 4 qualified Doctors discuss the deleterious effects of alcohol on the lining of the gut, caused by Acetaldehyde, a break down product of alcohol, in large amounts it can separate the cells in the gut allowing bacteria into the blood stream, which causes inflammation and messes with your immune system.

This is really exciting, many of my clients with auto-immune conditions, gut issues and other inflammatory condition, find my suggestion of reducing alcohol or stopping completely a major obstacle in improving their health through diet.

This video clip has the potential to be able to help my clients and readers to make a positive step to improve their health, it will take you only 53 seconds:

 BBC clip on leaky gut

Chemical compound of Acetaldehyde:


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