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Alcohol and the new guidelines…



If you only drink a few glasses of wine a week, then you don’t need to change your habits.  According to The Guardian the new governments guidelines are now inline with Australia who also suggest men and women only drink 2.5 units per day.

A unit in the UK is equivalent to 8g of pure alcohol (14 units). This means British men are now being told they can safely drink considerably less than those in Ireland (21.2 British units), Denmark (21), New Zealand (19) and much less than the upper safe limit for men in Spain (35).

However, the 14-unit limit for women remains in line with international standards. It is higher than the advised limits in the US (12.3) and Denmark (10.5) and roughly on par with Ireland.

How will this effect you?  I watched a programme on alcohol on the BBC last year, and they found that whether you drank everyday or binged at the weekend the liver was equally as damaged, however inflammation and gut flora were more effected by binge drinking.

If you suffer with bowel issues and drink more than the recommended guidelines, you could be making your symptoms worse by drinking the amount you do.  Alcohol is a poison after all, its a nice poison and many of us enjoy the taste and the effects.

Do we need a strategy? smaller glasses? more expensive alcohol to savour? nice soft drink that aren’t full of sugar? or simply drink green tea and organic coffee instead?  My favourite tea is Rooibos tea.  I will probably not have to worry too much about reducing my alcohol intake, but I will be more mindful of how much I drink.

What will you do?

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