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Tips for a healthier autumn (and winter) habits



After a lovely summer and warm October, the shorter days and cold damp weather is on its way.

With these  come lifestyle and eating habits changes.

We do tend to hibernate a little bit, watch more TV and eat more.  So what can we put in place to reduce the temptation to over indulge and under exercise with the inevitable consequence of become bigger (fatter).

When we remove some’thing’ from our diets or life we have to replace it with something, otherwise its difficult not to want that ‘thing.

So consider what’s in your cupboards, we all know that biscuits and cakes are meant for special occasions or popping in to see grandparents, if you are lucky enough to have any, sitting on the sofa or  working is not a special occasion.    So lets talk substitutes:

Here are some alternatives, but better still refrain from snacking where and when possible, but when you get the urge reach for the following:

Toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds (just a small handful):  you can buy them and toast them yourself, add a little soya sauce to a frying pan with a bag of seeds and dry fry until they look lovely and toasted.   Seeds are great source of fibre, zinc and omega 3 fats!

Chocolate brazil nuts: ok these are high in fat like the seeds, so no mindless eating.  Melt some dark chocolate and add a bag of brazil nuts, make sure the nuts are coated in the chocolate and turn them onto baking paper and let them cool.  Not as high in calories as shop bought versions as the coating is much more conservative.  Great little snack 2 or 3 max!  brazil nuts contain a strong antioxidant called selenium required for a healthy functioning thyroid gland!

Walnuts: along with fish like salmon, trout, anchovies and mackerel all contain omega 3 fats which help reduce triglycerides, high triglycerides are indicated in heart disease risk.

Oatcakes, ok not the same as a chocolate digestive, but you can buy them with dark chocolate baked into them.  A good alternative.  They also sell spice with berries and ginger.

Blueberries, slow releasing energy food like all of the above, they are also a good source of anti-oxidants and fibre and may also help lower cholesterol.

3pm slump in the office, have a hot cup of green tea and set yourself some goals, eating a cake or a chocolate bar will only satisfy your cravings, they won’t help you feel more energised or focused, the green tea will though.  It’s high in anti-oxidants and an amino acid L theanine, which has a calming effect on the mind, caffeine is a stimulant, its the perfect choice at 3pm!

If you are tempted to have a lovely hot chocolate whilst ice skating or shopping, that’s ok, but don’t have one on the way back from lunch or when sat in front of the TV.  One a week is ok.  Its what you do everyday that makes the most difference.   That goes for exercise and other good habits too!

Enjoy the change of season and not the size of your waist!

For a more personalised programme make an appointment with Julie!

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