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Weightloss tips, getting into your summer wardrobe with ease


Someone asked me the other day, ‘what are the keys to weightless success?’

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Here are some tips!!

1.Set a realistic goal and start date and visualise yourself once you are at your goal weight. Its easy to see a model or actress/actor who you want to look like and visualise them, however this will only cause defeat as you will never look them, no matter what you weigh.

2.Keep a food diary every day and write down everything you eat and drink, everything even that sneaky wine gum or gin and tonic.

3.Eating calmly, and in a seated position away from social media, and TV. It’s easy to over eat when you are doing something else at the same time.

4.Don’t skip a meal or eat only rice cakes. This may help you to lose weight, but a client did this recently, against my advice, he lost weight, but his fat percentage went up and his muscle percentage went down. This means his metabolism will have slowed down, when he starts to eat normally again, weight will be gained faster

5.Keep a ratio of protein and carbs at 1/4 of your plate, leaving the rest for vegetables; remember vegetables are limitless on a diet.  All carbs should include sweet potato, squash, baby new potatoes, brown rice or brown pasta

6.Make yourself accountable, tell someone and report into him or her on your progress.

7.Breakfast shakes with protein powder can be a great option as most cereals and granola’s are fairly high in sugar. Alternatively pumpernickel bread toasted with nut butter or avocado

8.Keep hydrated, its common to confuse hunger with thirst, have a drink of water if you feel peckish

9.Support the liver during your weightless, each fat cell will hold toxins, so losing fat can put extra pressure on the liver, artichokes, rocket, watercress and lemon in warm water are natural liver cleaners, bitter foods.

10.Get a good nights sleep and get to sleep at the same time overnight

If you are doing all of these things, eating really well and not seeing any response in your weight, consider increasing your exercise first thing in the morning to boost your metabolism, the 5:2 diet is also really beneficial for some. For my clients who don’t respond to a weightloss plan, I will investigate thyroid function, liver issues, nutrient deficiencies, poor digestion and sometimes food intolerance.

Do you know someone who may benefit from further investigation and support?

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