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Shocking statistics, to kick you into next year?


A calorie is a carlorie is a calorie…..?  Really?  I don’t believe so; 400 calories shown below,  how would these effect our health??  The way we store fat and the way our gut functions?  The image below does not include processed food or high carbohydrate foods…

400 calories






Earlier in the year we were bombarded by the press about sugar and how bad it was for us, has anything changed in your world since then? did you make any changes?

The shocking statistics:

“Over 60% of adults are obese (that’s a BMI of over 30) or overweight (BMI over 25)”

Nearly 10% of children between 4 and 5 years old are obese (how many kids were fat when you were at school, I can think of one, Angela Hill).

Only 34% of men and 39% of women have a normal BMI (18-5 – 2.5)

Many diets these days are nutrient poor, carbohydrate rich, and eaten either in front of the TV or whilst browsing the internet/gaming. How many of you snack during the day on crisps, popcorn or chocolate? We are less active then ever before…  Its not surprising the population is getting fatter!

Pre-packaged and fast foods are higher in sugar, salt and cheap vegetable fats than home cooked food. Sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine! Which is why we keep eating these manufactured meals, we can’t help it!!!  (the food manufacturers are very aware of this and use it to sell their products for profit – crave-ability).

For most over weight individuals, reducing calories doesn’t work, exercise doesn’t work, so what’s the answer? It’s all about the getting the balance right from dietary means, allowing the leptin, ghrelin and insulin receptors to work in our favour again,  improving brain receptors and dopamine production. Addressing gut issues is always a priority, reducing the inflammation and improving the balance of micro flora.

There is never a wrong time to do the right thing!  email Julie for an appointment:

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