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Relief from Cystitis


Do you suffer with Cystitis?

There are common issues associated with this uncomfortable ccystisisondition, and these are       often related to urine reflux (holding in your pee) poor immune function, nutritional deficiencies, structural issues (less common) and the most common is the presence of Escherichia Coli bacteria, found in faeces.  With the location of the urethra and the anus, it is thought that infection is purely due to proximity and improved hygiene may be a useful tool in prevention.

So is there anything we can do to help prevent such incidences apart from improved hygiene?

The answer for most of us is yes.

1 increase urine flow by increasing filtered water intake

2 ensure complete emptying of the bladder when you pee

3 avoid fizzy pop, coffee, high fruit drinks, alcoholic drinks

4 improve immune function

5 improve the flora within the gut

6 rule out candida overgrowth of the gut

It is important to get a proper diagnosis from your GP, who may take a sample of your urine and may carry out further tests to ensure that the infection isn’t  being caused by issues related to the upper urinary tract,  such as a kidney infection.

There are supplements that have been used to support those with current urinary tract infections, however my approach is to address the potential underlying causes, some of which you may be able to address  yourself as discussed above.

To make an appointment please call me 07957806207.

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