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Whole Foods opens in Fulham! Here’s a helpful Q&A


logoWhole Foods opened  in Fulham today, how exciting I hear you cry!  But what I heard instore was more confusion, what oil should I buy, is coconut oil bad for you?  These supplements look interesting, should I be taking these? 

The good news is, I can help you.  I have put together some Q&A’s, a few of them I heard today:

Q What oil is best for cooking stir fries and eggs?

A Coconut oil, animal fat like organic lard or goose fat.  These fats are saturated fat and are not spoiled when heated at high temperatures.

Q Are eggs ok?  should I limit these in my daily diet?photo 5

A Eggs are a great source of protein, organic eggs are healthy, nutritious and tasty additions to a meal, like salads poached, baked, fried and scambled, made into a torilla is also great.  So unless you have an intolerance, no need to limit them, I would suggest no more than 6 a week, but see how you feel.  Eggs don’t offer a source of fibre, so always include some fibre with your eggs.

Q What’s the difference between white and brown rice?  Which is better?

A White rice, is polished rice.  With this polishing comes the removal of the bran and fibre, vitamins and protein, leaving white rice rather poor in nutrients.  Brown rice will absorb more water, provide  more fibre and is more filling as it takes longer to digest.

Q Which nuts are better?  Should I eat peanuts?

A All nuts provide good fats, protein and minerals, all in varying degrees.  Peanuts are strictly not a nut, they arephoto 3 legumes and are grown underground.  Peanuts are also negative to our iodine stores and should be avoided if you suffer with low or sub-clinical thyroid disease.  All other nuts, so long as they are raw and not covered in cheap sodium chloride are fabulous for improving energy levels, healthy snacks and they help keep us fuller longer.

Q What’s all the craze about popcorn?  Is it healthy or is it just another gimmick food?

A I believe that popcorn is not a health snack, I had a lecture many years ago with Dr George Mouton, who shared a patients blood tests results following a few months of eating  popcorn, in large amounts.  The patient and Dr Mouton couldn’t understand why the results showed such high levels of trans-fats in his blood.  The only addition to his diet, from his previous blood test was popcorn.  The heating of the corn and the oil damaged  during this high heat cooking damaged the fats and created trans fats, which are very unwelcome guests.  So popcorn occasionally is fine, everyday not such a great idea.

Q Is seafood a good option for a summer evening meal with some salad and freshly cooked asparagus?

A Seafood can be high in zinc and other trace minerals, high in protein and low in fat.  Crab in particular is low in fat and a great option for the protein part of your meal.  I encourage clients to eat a variety of foods to ensure they receive varying portions of nutrients as there is often  higphoto 4h chemical contamination, especially in fish and seafood and some highly sprayed fruit, keep them varied so you vary the nutrients and the contaminants all at the same time.

Q Smoothies and Juices, are they just sugary injections with expensive price tags?

A They can be, choose the ones that offer a higher ratio of vegetables than fruit, have a few nuts with them or get your juice bar to blend your juice with some avocado and cashew nuts, this adds some protein and fat, make it really creamy.

Q Skin care with no additives?  Why should I change?

A creams and potions we are encouraged to use often contain small amounts of chemicals, which may cause health problems.  If you are a sensitive individual or want to avoid the possibility of these chemicals damaging your health I would recommend you swap to a brand that does not contain parabens, mineral oil and sodium laureth sulphate.  There are many more chemicals, but these are the main culprits and are found in expensive branded cosmetics and skin care as well as cheaper versions.   I only use products that do no contain these ingredients.  Arbonne International is a great company, who produce great products, botanically based and do not contain the chemical mentioned above.  I have access to discounts so drop me a line.  We all love a discount!

Q These supplements look interesting, why should I take them?  who says we need them? photo 1

A Supplements are a controversial subject.  As a practitioner, I do recommend some of my clients use supplements.  However its always very targeted and with a true purpose and monitored closely.   Supplements should never be instead of improving your diet and should be part of a healthy protocol.  I offer advice on supplementation as part of my nutrition consultations, book yourself in, and receive 15% off your supplements.

Q Is gluten free food better for you?  should I start buying it?

A Gluten is found in grains like wheat, rye and barley.   Gluten is an un-digestible protein and for some people this causes digestive problems, celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. If you have a diagnosis you should avoid all products containing gluten and traces of gluten.  If you have not been diagnosed and want to remove gluten, it’s best to get tested first, whilst you are still eating the protein.  Therefore if you want to find out if you have a sensitivity or celiac disease, get your GP to carry out a blood test or make an appointment with me and we can arrange a gluten sensitivity test.  Otherwise, no need to swap your wheat products for gluten free as the alternatives are very expensive and often contain lots of undesirable ingredients to make the products taste good.  I would add that wheat based foods, if eaten in large amounts, prevent you from getting good nutrition from other foods like vegetables and fruit, so limit the wheat products and swap for healthier options, nuts, seeds, vegetables and berries.

I hope this has helped, if I can be of assistance do drop me a line.  I am available Monday to Thursday either in Fulham or Richmond.



  1. Nicola Martin permalink

    Hi Ju Great post … how excited were you to see this little place opened on your doorstep! Rejoice darling! They’ll be knocking on your door soon. More Q&A’s please! Big hug & lots of love Nicx

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  2. Thanks for the fantastic post and sharing all this great info with all of us 🙂 ❤

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