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Irrational fear and the dry colon


Have you or your children ever experienced irrational fears?

Naturopathically, this ‘irrational fear’  is thought to occur when the body is on dehydration alert, and is connected to the kidney and colon.

Patients experiencing few bowel movements, dehydration and food intolerance can be supported by improving dietary intake of soluble fibre from vegetables, ground flax seeds and well cooked brown rice.  I can also recommend linseed tea, and I share a well used recipe with you:

2 tablepsoons of linseeds
1 litre of filtered clean water

(Linseeds and flaxseeds are the same thing, just to clarify)

Place the ingredients into a saucepan and slowly bring to the boil and switch off the heat.

Leave for 12 hours.  Bring back to boil the next day and simmer for 1 hour.

Sieve the mixture through a muslin cloth or metal sieve, cool and store in a glass container, covered in the fridge.

To use this, add some to a mug with some hot water, and drink this throughout the day.

I recommend you use this within 2 days, the whole family can benefit from this.  You can add a little manuka honey to taste if you prefer, don’t add the honey to very hot mixture as this will delete the health benefits of the honey.

The vegetable source of omega 3  and the natural jelly like viscous mixture allows water to be held in the body helping to hydrate and soothe the bowel.

Because the seeds have been removed, and only the viscous mixture is used, it allows patients with diverticulitus, and other bowel conditions that are irritated by seeds, to use this recipe safely.

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