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Worried about your weight?


Love the 1st March?  Spring really feels likes its arrived today.  And that means  spring cleaning  kitchen cupboards of winter comfort food,  added benefit fat loss!

spring 3

Weighing oneself  to regularly can create  negative feelings.  Julie’s clients are encouraged to use their body composition as a marker, rather than how much the scales say they weigh.  And we  weigh you either monthly or weekly depending on your goals

What is body composition?
Basically it is the ratio of muscle to fat.  As you probably know that muscle weighs more than fat, and the more muscle we have the more fat we burn, it makes sense to improve the muscle ratio in the body, especially those of us who have sedentary jobs and lifestyles.

Benefits of improved body composition
The benefits of having stronger muscles, is that you will have a stronger skeleton and bone health, muscles holds up the bones, improves posture, potentially reducing injuries and back pain.

Want yours measured?
Do you want your body composition measured with the special machine? Get in touch with Julie and  schedule  your session.

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