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Gluten free friendly restaurant review


I come across poor understanding of gluten free and dairy free menus all the time, especially at events and venues catering for large numbers. Often in restaurants the gluten or dairy element of the meal is removed and not replace with an alternative, leaving the plate looking rather unappetizing.

I experienced exactly this over Christmas, and I felt quite upset. It doesn’t take a genius to replace a few things with alternatives, olive oil instead of butter, toasted seeds instead of croutons etc.

So this got me thinking, I am not the only person who eats out with gluten and dairy issue, as many of my patients are also sensitive to these common allergens, so how about I review some restaurants in  my local area?  gluten free options are a great way of attracting an audience, and so many cafes and restaurants are ignoring this potential hole in the market.

My first Restaurant review – Manuka Kitchen, Fulham Road
Christmas lunch, organised at Manuka Kitchen on Fulham Road, I contacted them to establish whether they could fit 10 of us in on the date I required and mentioned the requirement for gluten and dairy free, and they said yes and happy to work on a menu for us.

Our experience was great, they provided some Christmas crackers, and all the starters provided were gluten and dairy free, some of the mains were not dairy free, and these were brought to our attention.  The calamari is coated in corn flour rather than wheat flour.  We were served with gluten free bread with olive oil to start, we were all very happy.  Dessert was griddled fruit and Manuka Honey.   What I particularly liked was their willingness to help and make our experience a good one, I suggest you call ahead if you have dietary requirements, but most things are gluten free: Score 8/10  £medium

The good life Eatery, Sloan Avenue, Chelsea
Attended this new eating establishment very recently, its new!  The menu was 60% gluten and dairy free friendly along with some Vegan options.  They also offer juices, and smoothies, and nut milk drinks.  I was very excited, I bought an almond milk hot chocolate to take away after lunch and it was delicious.  I haven’t had a hot chocolate on the go for years!: Score 8/10  £expensive

Nuntee, Fulham Road, Parsons Green
The great thing about Thai, is that most of the dishes are gluten and dairy free.  Just need to check that soya sauce hasn’t been added. Love the salads,  curries and the Pad Thai Super friendly and very tasty:  Score 7/10 £medium

Terrible experience, we were told that its a french restuarant and therefore most dishes have gluten and dairy in.  We left.  We later discovered that they offer a gluten free menu afterwards: Score  0/10 £medium

New Kings Road, Parsons Green
A lovely cafe, bright and clean.  Offering a few gluten free options, but sadly include dairy or goats cheese.  They were really helpful and helped me to put together a meal that was suitable for lunch, I had a polenta pizza and a salad.  They also offer gluten free bread: 7/10   £medium

More to come, as I work my way around the area.  Any suggestions let me know.

  1. interested to hear which Cote you went to, I have been to eat at two and they were so helpful. reviewed on my blog
    It might be worth emailing She is who I dealt with. Im sure they would want to have your feed back

  2. Nicola Martin permalink

    Hi Ju, I’m liking the new angle, wow … great idea and hopefully you should enjoy most of your research. Hot choc on the go, yay! Glad I sent you the River Cottage thing now. I hadn’t seen this until tonight. Big hug, Nxx Ps I always find it very comforting to see your lovely photo :-)

    >________________________________ > From: “Nutritional Therapy Link, London” >To: >Sent: Friday, February 28, 2014 3:34 PM >Subject: [New post] Gluten free friendly restaurant review > > > > >Nutritional Therapy Link posted: “I am putting together a comprehensive list of gluten free friendly eateries, those understand what it means to be gluten free or dairy free and can make our lives more interesting and a little bit easier. I come across poor understanding of gluten free” >

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