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How much sugar do you eat?


sugar 2You have probably heard the news today, suggesting that hidden sugars are partly to blame for the obesity crisiin the Western World.

Action on Sugar, a group of experts, have urged the government to push for reductions in added sugar in processed foods, such as ketchup, cereals and bread suggesting these added sugars are contributing the obesity crisis.  Dietitians got it wrong when suggesting we cut back on fat in the past, manufacturers just added in extra sugar to make it taste better, but the product become ‘low fat’.  Our fear of fat, and the reduction of fat, has not reduced diseases or weight in the population.

‘Experts said that if major manufacturers reduced the amount of sugar in their products, adding up to a 20 to 30 per cent decrease in sugar content in three to five years, the obesity epidemic could be stopped in its tracks. Graham McGregor, professor of cardiovascular medicine at the Wolfson Institute of Preventative Medicine and chairman of the new group, said that the Government’s “Responsibility Deals” with the food industry had failed and a new approach was needed’ (Independent online 9/1/14)

Have you got time to wait for the government to enforce these changes?

Of course, if you only eat food prepared from scratch you are in a good place.  My advice is only buy plain live yoghurt, rye bread or sour dough bread may be better than the more conventional brands, but check the ingredients, all bottled drinks to be avoided unless its plain water.  Even fruit juice, as this provides very concentrated sugar from fruit, we should be eating the whole fruit.  I have recommended clients to dilute fruit juice with water, so its half and half, the kids only notice the first time, then they get used to it.

Need some help reducing your dietary sugar levels?  I can prepare a food plan and supplement programme to help your body to handle sugars better and allow you to feel able to achieve a lower sugar diet everyday.

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